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August 15 2022 to August 21 2022

Monday August 15

Chant At The Moon Day

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Some people call today Chant At The Moon Day. Our four-legged friends famously howl at the silver orb too. But the Moon does a far better job of communicating with us than the other way round! And, following last week's Supermoon, we can still take action to advance causes and instigate changes that will improve our lives. Finding truth requires looking beneath the surface and bravely confronting our fears and frustrations. However loud the call for action might be, it's the motivation behind it that holds the key.

Tuesday August 16

Edinburgh Fringe

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I've just returned from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and I'm buzzing! It was the first time I'd been back since the pandemic, and it was interesting to see lots of new faces setting the agenda for the next generation of artistic endeavours. But I still had plenty of time to catch up with a few old favourites! Whether we're like Madonna, who constantly adapts to the latest trends, or a Bukowski-type, who's a part of the underground, as Mercury aligns with Uranus, it's time to think about starting new and exciting ventures.

Wednesday August 17

Finger Of Fate

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A couple of weeks ago we talked about Mercury moving to the tip of the Finger Of Fate it formed with Neptune and Pluto. Today, it's the Sun's turn to take up the position Mercury held. So, while communication was the catalyst for magical transformation, the time for talk is over. This is a cosmic call to add substance - and embody the ideas we aspire to. Although that might be easier to say than to do, as Venus (love and pleasure) and Jupiter (fortune and abundance) harmonise, luck is on our side.

Thursday August 18

Last Days in Taurus

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This weekend, Mars will enter Gemini, where it stays for seven long months. There are countless benefits to this celestial event, particularly when it comes to having confidence in our ideas and courage in our convictions. But it also means that now's the last chance (until March 2023) to expend Mars' energy and passion in a different way. Currently, the Sun's Finger of Fate invites us to live up to the image we want to share with the world. Mars' last days in Taurus provide the resources to make this possible.

Friday August 19

Great Leap Forward

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Sensitivity doesn't equal inactivity. As Mercury opposes Neptune, it promotes imaginative thinking and the ability to communicate heartfelt dreams and desires. But, with Mars entering Gemini, we're under pressure to find answers and take action. Being sensitive to the dynamics remains important; by ignoring them there's a danger that noble intentions will be misunderstood. But plans are worthless if never initiated. There's room for spontaneity, and encouragement to take leaps forward this weekend.

Saturday August 20

Your Weekly Horoscope

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People say that 'talk is cheap'. Yet as dynamic Mars moves into communicative Gemini (where it remains until 2023) the value of words gains more importance. We're entering an era where what we say and write have even greater impact and more powerful consequences. Mercury's trine to Pluto enables us to take advantage of this celestial communication booster. With an intelligent combination of passion and persuasion, ideas pursued this week will turn out to be worthy investments.

Sunday August 21

Your Week Ahead Love Horoscope

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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