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August 22 2022 to August 28 2022

Monday August 22

Edinburgh Festival

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As the Edinburgh Fringe Festival heads towards its climax the performers are gearing up for the annual awards to be announced. The great thing about this event is that, whether the participants are complete newcomers, festival institutions, or stars returning to their roots, success relies on word of mouth. As Mercury (communication) links with Pluto today, words take on extra meaning. We can use the cosmic energy to create powerful narratives and enjoy being in the spotlight on our own life stage.

Tuesday August 23

Behind the Scenes

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It's easy to underestimate the effort that lies behind a great dance performance. But the audience sees only the end-product of hours of behind-the-scenes rehearsals. A successful routine is the result of experimentation and research, effort and passion, practice and determination. With the Grand Trine encouraging these qualities, and the Sun's move into Virgo highlighting details, the cosmos gifts us with the creativity and resolve to fine-tune a plan and take steps to ensure it comes together with style.

Wednesday August 24

Stranger Music

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There's an old saying that defines a 'gentleman' as someone who can play the accordion but chooses not to. Since the accordion's my favourite instrument: I listen to it in between practising the banjo and attempting to learn the art of Tuvan throat singing, maybe I'm uncivilised! As Uranus turns retrograde on 'International Strange Music Day', quirky, eccentric possibilities pop up in our lives. As Venus prepares to join the celestial mix, we can make surprising discoveries about what brings us pleasure.

Thursday August 25

New Orleans

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According to some historians, today marks the anniversary of the founding New Orleans. Although the actual date is up for debate, no one can question the musical legacy of this amazing city. As well as enabling its citizens to cope with tragedy, the spirit of this cultural melting pot has influenced practically every musical genre. While forming part of a Grand Trine with Mars and Pluto, Mercury is about to enter Libra and discover a new artistic flair. The repercussions can be enduringly inspiring.

Friday August 26

Carnival Time

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This weekend sees the return of the Notting Hill Carnival. While some residents in West London may miss the quiet of the last two years, many will be only too keen to 'wind up the waist' to the rhythm of the bass and celebrate London's exciting and colourful culture again. With the New Moon linked tightly to Mars, while Venus and Saturn's opposition focuses on rebellious Uranus, the cosmos encourages the passionate celebration of what makes us unique. It's time to party!

Saturday August 27

Your Weekly Horoscope

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In September, as Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus repeat alignments from earlier this year, we experience a Cosmic Boomerang effect - the release of stored energy and potential. The Libran New Moon, which forms the tip of a Finger of the World alignment, enables us to balance effort and innovation: new paths emerge that feel more positive. By being more discerning about our opportunities, progress won't just be sustainable... it will help us rise higher, for longer, without fear of coming back down.

Sunday August 28

Your Week Ahead Love Horoscope

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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