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August 29 2022 to September 4 2022

Monday August 29

Holy Days

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The fact that UK national holidays are called 'bank holidays' could be seen as indicative of an obsession with financial affairs! But the word 'holiday' originates from 'holy day', when religious festival celebrations included 'Feast Days' - a term I'm considering using to describe those extra days off! Following this weekend's Venus/Saturn/Uranus alignment, it may feel as if we've been slaloming between feasts and famines, especially on the financial front. But the New Moon suggests that the experiences gained will be profitable.

Tuesday August 30

A Friend in Deed

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They say 'a friend in need is a friend indeed'. But maybe it should read 'in deed'. It's all very well receiving sympathetic messages, but we need true companions to actually show up and pitch in. As Mercury points at a 'Finger of The World' alignment created by the tense relationship between Saturn and Uranus, the planets are asking us to put our words into action. Sometimes, people engage to make themselves feel good. Fortunately, Mercury enables us to discern genuine sources of support that will make a real difference.

Wednesday August 31


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My mum once told me that 'spondulix' was the rudest word she knew, and made me promise never to use it. Of course, the next day I shouted it in the playground, brimming with pride at my knowledge of the profane. When, some time later, a family friend mentioned they needed 'spondulix' from the bank, the penny dropped! With Venus now being highlighted by the 'Finger of Fate' with Neptune and Pluto, be on the lookout for financial conundrums. Yet with clear-thinking, we can discover information that proves valuable.

Thursday September 1

Gordon Bennett!

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Yesterday I mentioned my mum saying that 'spondulix' was a rude word. From 'Gordon Bennett!' to 'Dagnabbit!', all sorts of strange terms are used to avoid swear words. We often say daft things when surprised or confronted - and the least offensive the response, the better! Today, there's something worthwhile to be learned from something silly. Ridiculous circumstances contain unlikely possibilities. If we communicate with sensitivity, there will be opportunities to exclaim with happiness!

Friday September 2

Beyonce's Career

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Beyonce's career can be viewed as a three-act affair: the promising beginning with Destiny's Child, the tricky transition to solo success, and the triumphant arrival of Queen Bey. Mercury's relationship with Jupiter follows a similar arc, with the first of their three oppositions taking place as Beyonce turns 41 this weekend. It's a time for searching for promising ideas and holding onto enthusiasm - even if things get complicated and need rethinking. As long as hope and positivity remain central to beliefs, success will follow.

Saturday September 3

Your Weekly Horoscope

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The power of positive thinking is well documented; no one will ever achieve anything if they assume that a task is impossible or that they're doomed to fail. Yet, optimistic belief in the 'bigger picture' only gets us so far. This weekend, as Mercury moves opposite Jupiter and begins to slow down, it encourages faith in the ideas we're enthusiastic about. But, with Venus moving into Virgo, we need to pay attention to details if we want plans to come to fruition. This week, the pay-off could be more than generous.

Sunday September 4

Your Week Ahead Love Horoscope

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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