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September 5 2022 to September 11 2022

Monday September 5

Try... Something Different

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They say 'if at first you don't succeed, try, try again'. They also say repeating the same actions whilst expecting different results is madness. But maybe, what's truly insane, is to hold two contradictory sayings in the same high esteem! Yet there's a way to marry these principles. Following the weekend's Mercury/Jupiter opposition, while big ideas might have much to commend them, devils remain in the details. Fortunately Venus' change of signs will help us to appreciate the subtleties.

Tuesday September 6

Sound Engineering

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During my years of sound engineering, I believed that if no one noticed my work, I'd done a good enough job. But even though I didn't yearn for plaudits, I always worked harder for acts who thanked me on stage at the end of the show. Something similar is taking place on a cosmic scale. With Venus in Virgo, subtler, finer arts get a chance to shine. So to do the people who practise them. Work that has been undervalued will be properly appreciated... which will encourage standards to improve.

Wednesday September 7

Emotional Breakthrough

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The announcement of a new iPhone used to generate excitement among my friends. It felt like we were stepping into the future - with each upgrade offering more pioneering technological advances. These days, the inclusion of a better camera feels a little underwhelming. Yet with Venus now in Virgo, we're more able to appreciate the finer details. And, with the coming Full Moon linked to Uranus, innovations and breakthroughs, at least in our emotional lives, aren't far away.

Thursday September 8

Change of Plan

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Today, UNESCO's International Literacy Day celebrates the work of organisations involved with promoting reading. But as the weekend approaches, it's not the UN we need to rely on to address communication issues. Under the Full Moon, as Mercury turns retrograde, it's a time to revise plans, relearn skills, and identify and fix problems. The more inspiring our initiatives, the easier it will be to change what's needed to make them work. If imagination is allowed to flourish, beautiful ideas can be implemented.

Friday September 9

Queen Elizabeth II

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Today marks a moment of great sadness, across the world, at the news of the death of Queen Elizabeth II. As tributes flock in, her kindness, compassion and dedication to duty is being acknowledged by admirers as diverse as Barack Obama to ordinary folk like you and me. In these troubled times, let's hope her legacy continues to inspire us. Her unselfish devotion to the needs of other people is a quality we can aspire to in the days to come. With grace, and respect, we can, in our own ways, make the world a better place.

Saturday September 10

Your Weekly Horoscope

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In tense situations, when delicate feelings are involved, it's so easy to say the wrong thing that we sometimes clam up and feel unable to express our truth. This week, the Harvest Full Moon in Pisces heightens sensitivities and brings an air of increased vulnerability, while Mercury turning retrograde makes clear communication more challenging. Yet this is a chance to right wrongs caused by mixed messages. Uranus' links to the Moon indicates that positive emotional changes are possible.

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