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January 17 2022 to January 23 2022

Monday January 17

I Have a Dream

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It's Martin Luther King Day, when we remember the extraordinary contribution made by the activist whose vision of racial equality, and courage to stand up for the rights of the oppressed, had an impact on civil rights around the world. Today as the Cancerian Full Moon opposes Machiavellian Pluto, it highlights an emotive power struggle. If a change is called for, it brings the encouragement to speak up for what's right. Admitting to deep, unfulfilled needs is the first step to freedom and harmony.

Tuesday January 18


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Remember old-fashioned typewriters? With each keystroke a metal prong leapt towards the page and imprinted a letter through an ink ribbon. The keyboard layout was designed to stop the mechanical parts from getting tangled. Although there are no such physical restraints with computers, we've still got the 'QWERTY' keys. Today, retrograde Mercury questions old ideas. Uranus turning direct insists that if there's room for improvement, action can be taken. But if it ain't broke, it needn't be fixed.

Wednesday January 19

Hello Dolly!

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'Growing up, we had running water in our cabin - as long as we were willing to run and get it!' So said Dolly Parton, whose birthday is today. Although she's a high-flying Capricorn, with the Sun moving into Aquarius (the water-bearer) tomorrow, as the quote suggests, she's adaptable and willing to carry challenging loads. Her impact on charitable work reflects the understanding that success is best enjoyed when it benefits those we care about. The sky encourages alliances that bring joy today.

Thursday January 20

Agreeing to Disagree

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The world seems to be more polarised than ever. If it isn't politics doing the dividing, it's sport, attitudes towards vaccinations, or all of the above. But disagreements needn't lead to arguments or upset - our ability to agree to disagree is key. As long as kindness and honesty lie at the heart of communications, we can find ways to move forwards together. As the Sun enters Aquarius it highlights respect and personal freedom. It brings unusual opportunites to bring diverse opinions together.

Friday January 21

Deja Vu Again

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I wonder if the reason I don't experience deja vu as often as I used to is an age thing. Perhaps it's the difference between intuition and experience? One is feeling that we've seen something before, the other is the knowledge required to tackle a familiar problem. As retrograde Mercury relinks with Neptune, it's a time to revisit broken dreams and fix things that have gone pear-shaped. This weekend, with sensitivity, and with our thinking caps on, imaginative solutions can be found.

Saturday January 22

Your Weekly Horoscope

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This week, it's particularly apt that Cancer is represented by the crab. As Mars arrives in Capricorn (Cancer's opposite sign), while Mercury reverses in from the other side, the heavens engage in a classic pincer movement! Although the fiery Mars and retrograde Mercury combination creates potential for miscommunication, the cosmos offers us exactly what's needed to work through sources of confusion. Mature understanding is possible. And with Venus about to change direction, peace and harmony await.

Sunday January 23

Your Week Ahead Love Horoscope

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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