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September 26 2022 to October 2 2022

Monday September 26

Celestial Bonanza

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When it comes to astrological action, we're in the midst of a celestial bonanza. The weekend's New Moon arrived at the tip of a Finger Of The World alignment opposite the Cosmic Boomerang. Its legacy extends an invitation to take new approaches to deal with tiring issues. Life's problems aren't like light bulbs - we can't just press a button to illuminate the darkness. Or switch it off so we can't see our problems. The New Moon enables us to adjust our vision. Then we can see how to take positive action.

Tuesday September 27

Hidden Treasures

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On World Tourism Day, which sort of tourist is it better to be? Someone who knows what they like and chooses to return to the same location? Or someone who craves adventure and prefers to explore new vistas? While both kinds are valid, yesterday's link between retrograde Mercury and Venus encourages us to reassess our values. As the planet of communication links with Pluto today, treasures are hidden in the familiar. And, under the influence of the Cosmic Boomerang, questions are more important than answers.

Wednesday September 28

Pursuing Visions

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Today brings the final alignment of the Cosmic Boomerang. While the previous peak tested us on our ability to address the issues raised during the Great Conjunction of December 2020, today it asks us to consider how to implement all that we've learned. Even though we haven't found perfect solutions, and there are issues that will need unpicking and reworking, it's all part of the process of deciphering the best way forward. With intelligently placed optimism we can take steps to pursue visions worth believing in.

Thursday September 29

It's Coming Home

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Venus moves home to Libra tomorrow where, this weekend, it forms the tip of a Finger Of The World alignment opposite the Cosmic Boomerang. We're about to see the value of difficult decisions, which we were obliged to make, and find the inspiration to put them into practice. As long as we stay resolute, and our goals are unselfish, we can navigate past obstacles and stay on the right track. And if the results of our efforts aren't apparent, we can be confident that if we're planting seeds in good soil, they will bear fruit.

Friday September 30

Confusion Clears

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With Mercury retrograde in full swing as the world paused to mark the death of Queen Elizabeth II, it's thanks to years of meticulous planning that the ceremonies ran so smoothly and precisely. Yet there were some odd decisions that made headline news. A popular holiday company announced that its guests would need to leave their accommodation for the day of the funeral - and then saw sense and changed their mind! Fortunately, Mercury's change of direction this weekend clears up all sorts of confusions.

Saturday October 1

Your October Monthly Horoscope

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October's partial Solar Eclipse, which bubbles beneath the surface with excitement and energy, encourages the communication of deep feelings and passions. This is a month for speaking from the heart. With Saturn turning direct and linking to Mercury, barriers evaporate and limitations ease, enabling clearer thinking and greater freedom of expression: fear of saying the 'wrong' thing won't hold us back. As Jupiter returns to Pisces, through honest sharing we can start to create the changes we wish to see.

Sunday October 2

Your Week Ahead Love Horoscope

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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