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October 10 2022 to October 16 2022

Monday October 10

Celestial Support

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Although the Full Moon opposite Venus may have peaked yesterday, with its counterpoint, the Sun, forming part of a Grand Trine, the potent effects continue. The current powerful cosmic climate brings strength and determination, plus the creativity to approach challenges in innovative ways. We just need to believe in what we want to achieve. Whatever the situation, if we're courageous enough to ask for assistance, we can access celestial support. It's waiting in the wings.

Tuesday October 11

Money Talks

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Talking about money used to be socially unacceptable. I think the moment I realised those days were completely in the past was when pop star Cardi B recently explained that she hated cancelling shows because of her love of money. Her reasoning is so entirely on brand that it could almost be seen as a work of modern art! There are two sides to every story. But, as Mercury returns to Libra today, there are also opportunities to replace outrage with charm in order to ensure a point really gets across.

Wednesday October 12

Getting Steamy

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Whenever fiery Mars and flowing Neptune interact, things get steamy. But, although their alignment indicates that passions will be hard to contain, we won't be lost in the fog of emotional battles. With Venus in a Grand Trine, bonds and alliances can strengthen. Communication, of course, is key. And with Mercury making its final link to Jupiter in their series of encounters, we're wiser to the ways in which relationships are strengthened through meaningful and inspired conversations.

Thursday October 13

Paul Simon

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Paul Simon, whose birthday is today, is the master of 'conversational' song-writing. His lyrics offer windows of insight into our world. Of course, there are a vast number of different ways to share our views. Fellow birthday boys Lenny Bruce and Sasha Baron-Cohen used controversy and awkwardness to communicate their sense of fun. As Mercury aligns with authoritarian Saturn and innovative Uranus, there are opportunities to think outside the box. But whatever the message, it's the delivery that matters most.

Friday October 14

Bake Off

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As Venus forms a Grand Trine with authoritarian Saturn and dynamic Mars, the cosmos calls us to focus on creativity and diplomacy. And with today being National Dessert Day in the US, (and puddings being my favourite things) I can think of worse things to do than spend the weekend baking and indulging in sweet treats. Who doesn't respond well to a slice of lemon drizzle? With a dusting of sugar, and an extra dollop of cream, generosity and kindness can smooth over difficulties and create a shared sense of fun.

Saturday October 15

Your Weekly Horoscope

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Five years ago, Alyssa Milano posted on Twitter, and the #MeToo movement went viral. At the time, Jupiter (justice and morality) was entering Scorpio, where it explored taboos and hidden issues of control. This week, as the Sun and Venus prepare to converge, feminine empowerment is high on the cosmic agenda. These planets encourage good, courageous folk to show their strengths and realise their potential. And, as Mercury leaves its shadow, the effects of this message will have far-reaching, positive consequences.

Sunday October 16

Your Week Ahead Love Horoscope

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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