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October 24 2022 to October 30 2022

Monday October 24

Scorpio Solar Eclipse

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The Festival of Diwali, celebrating light's victory over darkness, begins today. And as we build towards the Scorpio Solar Eclipse, there are cosmic signs that any shadows in our hearts won't linger for long. Although the darkening night skies might awaken primeval fears, Venus' reassuring influence reminds us that some prizes can only be mined in darkness. It's time to access our inner powers. The eclipse's link with dynamic Mars indicates that if we harness this strength, we can harvest diamonds.

Tuesday October 25

Solar Eclipses

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Traditionally Solar Eclipses are seen as bad omens for kings and tyrants. So as the shadow of the eclipse passes over Russia we'll have to wait to see if it has any effect. More commonly, it's a welcome sign that new passions can begin to take hold. Which heartfelt feelings and desires do we want to give the freedom to grow? Whose lives do we wish to be more entwined with? The Eclipse's link to Mars encourages us to voice what's hidden in our hearts. It's a catalyst that can generate exciting sparks.

Wednesday October 26

Emotions Run High

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Since our emotions run high when we're passionate about ideas, sometimes the fear of what we might reveal prevents us from sharing what's in our hearts. Yesterday, under the Eclipse, we talked about the value of vocalising our hidden desires. And although the Eclipse has passed, the seeds it planted are only just starting to grow. As Mercury aligns with mysterious Pluto and dynamic Mars, it too encourages us to address our feelings. The support we seek is waiting to be uncovered.

Thursday October 27

Jupiter Comes Home

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Tomorrow, as Jupiter reverses out of Aries, Pisces welcomes the return of its traditional ruler. The planet of opportunity, luck and expansion has been retrograde since July. So while its efforts to promote growth and meaningful opportunity are less pronounced while moving backwards, its return to a sign it calls home will lend it new strength. We'll soon be able to transcend the worries that have been denting our confidence. If we're sensitive enough to see it, evidence for faith in the future is on the horizon.

Friday October 28

Makeover Time

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This weekend, power planet Mars changes direction. Having spent more than two months in Gemini, this turn retrograde extends its stay in the sign of the twins until March 2023. This is makeover time. It marks a change in what we want, and what we think others yearn for, causing us to question opinions that have been held too strongly. With Mercury also entering Scorpio, new information comes to light. It's better to renege on a bad deal now than let sunken costs justify pursuing what's no longer desirable.

Saturday October 29

Your November Monthly Horoscope

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November begins with a potent Lunar Eclipse - a powerful cosmic event that encourages us to assess our priorities (in particular, what we think we deserve) and who we believe has the authority to help us achieve it. It's self-empowerment time! As the month progresses, creative relationships can flourish, enabling tangible progress. The New Moon's link with lucky Jupiter suggests that with confidence, we can find the tools to adapt to challenges, and the motivation to move towards a more inspired future together.

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