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October 31 2022 to November 6 2022

Monday October 31

Happy Halloween!

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Happy Halloween! Although tonight's all about things that go bump in the night, with investigative Mercury in the mysterious world of Scorpio, instead of being scared by things we don't understand, we can embrace the unknown and find hidden meanings. And with dynamic Mars now retrograde, we have more time to think before we act. With the confidence to peer below the surface, surprising treasures can be uncovered that inspire us to move into November with more optimism.

Tuesday November 1

You Turn

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Over the last few tumultuous weeks, it seems that U-turns, at least in the world of politics, are seen as a sign of weakness. But as Venus forms links to both retrograde Mars and Neptune, rushing forward without thinking won't lead to useful answers. When a racecourse twists and turns, the cars with the bigger engines are often beaten by less powerful vehicles which can corner better. With imagination and guile, a gentle, nimble approach will prove the best way to handle delicate situations.

Wednesday November 2

Mexican Celebration

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It's The Day Of The Dead in Mexico today, when the lives of loved ones who've passed away are remembered and celebrated in full technicolour glory. And with the Sun becoming the focal point of a tense dynamic between Mars and Neptune, we're encouraged to take steps to honour the sacrifices we've made, and be inspired by other people's achievements. It's time to remember past, important relationships, and to look forwards, motivated to live up to the ideal of the person we'd like to be.

Thursday November 3


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When US quarterback Colin Kaepernick first 'took a knee', it was seen as a controversial action. Nowadays it's become a recognised way of demonstrating solidarity. Sometimes, making a gesture, however imperfect, is preferable to ignoring a pain. Even if it comes across as challenging, there are situations when sending distress signals is the best way to attract the notice of people whose support could make a difference. As Mercury links to Neptune and Mars, actions can send powerful messages today.

Friday November 4

Food Register

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Today in 1879, the cash register was patented. By ringing a bell when a sale was made, it prevented theft. Interestingly, the fridge was patented on the same day! I'm considering patenting a combination of the two as a weight-loss device - a fridge that calls my wife when I open it, alerting her to my secret snacking! Sometimes change only happens when we impose limitations on ourselves. As Venus links with Uranus and Saturn this weekend, it brings the determination to ensure improvements take place.

Saturday November 5

Your Weekly Horoscope

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Fireworks, which have been enjoyed since ancient times, symbolise our continued fascination with the effects of fire. After all, despite central heating and electricity, we light candles to create a relaxing ambience. Streaming platforms even offer videos of fireplaces for aesthetics! As the Lunar Eclipse encourages dramatic change this week, although there's beauty in the new, some aspects of the past are worth preserving. They can help create an inspiring atmosphere that enables progress.

Sunday November 6

Your Week Ahead Love Horoscope

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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