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November 21 2022 to November 27 2022

Monday November 21

Honey or Vinegar

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It was International Men's Day at the weekend. Did you notice all the females piping up and asking 'When's International Women's Day then?' on social media? No? Ah, so maybe I've found something men really are better at than women - unjustified righteous indignation! But it's not my intention to point fingers or start an argument. I just want to mention that, as the Sun and Jupiter harmonise, there's a better way to take the moral high ground. The Mercury/Venus link suggests we'll catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

Tuesday November 22

Sagittarian Sun

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The Sun enters Sagittarius today. And this event, following Mercury and Venus' convergence in the same sign, encourages a sense of excitement and optimism. Jupiter, Sagittarius' ruler, which is about to harmonise with the New Moon, is also preparing to move forwards once more. So although we may still need to tread carefully at first, life will soon start heading in a much better direction. Whatever we start off with a tentative step now will soon become a whole-hearted gallop ahead.

Wednesday November 23

New Moon

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Sometimes, when I'm getting to the end of a book, I feel sad about leaving the world I've been immersed in. Often, when finishing a movie, I'm relieved it's over! Maybe that's because I won't suffer poorly written novels in the same way that I'm willing to watch trashy films! Yet whatever plot we're following, a page is being turned today, and a new story can begin. The New Moon coincides with Jupiter turning direct. Together they encourage a more positive perspective with which to write a fresh chapter.

Thursday November 24

The World Cup

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The World Cup in Qatar has begun, and there's more football going on than you can shake a stick at. But not more than you can stick a Sheikh at! Tomorrow, England take on the USA. So, is football coming home, or will it continue to divide its time between mainland Europe and South America? I don't think astrology can predict the winner. But wherever the World Cup is headed, one message is clear. With Jupiter direct again, we're encouraged to believe in dreams and enjoy the journeys they take us on.

Friday November 25

Carl Benz

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Carl Benz, whose inventions in the automobile sector established Mercedes-Benz, is said to have claimed 'My first customer was a lunatic. My second had a death wish'. These days his customers simply have expensive taste. But, as Black Friday arrives with the annual overnight queues and sale-inspired fisticuffs, we needn't risk safety or sanity for a bargain. Mercury and Venus' links with Pluto remind us of the dangers in believing that material wealth brings happiness. It's time to strike more meaningful deals.

Saturday November 26

Your Weekly Horoscope

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As the Full Moon converges with retrograde Mars at the start of December, it brings the courage to face challenges, defend key positions and call out problematic behaviour. We can find ways to make changes that will improve our lives. And as preparations for the festive season begin, Jupiter's return to Aries at the Solstice brings optimism and fun - in perfect time for Christmas. By channelling energy into positive action, we can build on past difficulties, and move towards a more sustainable, satisfying 2023.

Sunday November 27

Your Week Ahead Love Horoscope

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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