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February 7 2022 to February 13 2022

Monday February 7

Worst Enemy

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My banter-loving wife tells me I'm my own worst enemy. "Surely", I counterclaim, "it's better to be your own worst enemy than to have someone else plotting your downfall!" Retrograde planets make it easy to feel as if we're tripping ourselves up. But with every planet now moving forwards, any stumbles can be transformed into leaps ahead. While it's hard to go anywhere when we've got one hand (or foot!) tied behind our back, Mars and Uranus help us break free of any restrictions. Let's go!

Tuesday February 8

Rebel without a Cause

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The iconic actor James Dean was a rebel without a cause. Yet the distinction between anarchist and freedom fighter is always a matter of perspective. As the planets of action and revolution (Mars and Uranus) harmonise, they bring powerful energy for change. Accepting certain practicalities and taking a realistic approach shows good judgment rather than a lack of determination, and puts a limit on potentially reckless behaviour. Innovation will be much more effective than rebelliousness now.

Wednesday February 9

Sugary Eruptions

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My son loves searching Kids' YouTube for experiments: like mixing cola with fizzy sweets for sugary eruptions. In some ways virtual experimentation is positive progress - he's not going to get into trouble (like I did) for testing out theories and messing up the carpet! But while experimenting is messy, life passes us by if we observe it. The Mars/Uranus alignment brings initiative to make breakthroughs. Although falling foul of regulations can create explosive reactions, a sense of freedom brings fun today.

Thursday February 10

Guiding Star

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A while ago I talked about the value of having a 'North Star': a set of guiding principles that help deal with difficult decisions. I've been asked if this is a visible point on a birth chart; specifically, if it responds to the 'North Node'- the point where the Moon's orbit intersects the path around the Sun. Although the North Node affects karmic identity, our philosophical identity rarely grows from a single astrological event. As Mercury and Pluto prepare to converge, research enables deeper understanding.

Friday February 11

The Love Train

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This weekend, even if romance is off the agenda, as decorations spring up and florists prepare for their busiest day, it will be hard to escape the theme of love. The cosmos is also unwilling to let Valentine's Day go by without marking the occasion. Although they haven't quite converged, Venus (love) and Mars (passion) are within touching distance and will remain so for several weeks to come. In some ways a grand gesture is less important this year. We can find subtle, longer ways to show we care.

Saturday February 12

Your Weekly Horoscope

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While whirlwind romances generate headlines, the joys of longer relationships don't tend to create the same levels of excitement. Perhaps love is different to the first sparks of passion; it evolves with kindness, commitment and care... which might not sound like a message to capture imaginations on Valentine's weekend. But with an approaching Full Moon, and Venus (love) and Mars (passion) converging and spending an unusually long time together, any emotional investments made now have a good chance of lasting.

Sunday February 13

Your Week Ahead Love Horoscope

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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