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February 14 2022 to February 20 2022

Monday February 14

Valentine's Day

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Aquarius isn't thought of as a romantic sign. So on the surface, Mercury's re-entry into the sign of the water-bearer isn't especially auspicious on Valentine's Day. But wherever there's a surface, something deeper lies within. And the truth is that Aquarian emotions run so deep that members of the sign tend not to convey them; they fear being overwhelmed. The planet of communication's arrival encourages better, heartfelt conversations. We'll all benefit from expressing and sharing more love in our lives.

Tuesday February 15

Bye Bye Valentine

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Valentine's Day may have come and gone, but with the Leo Full Moon approaching just as Venus and Mars unite, the potential for love and romance does more than linger... it positively fizzes and reverberates. The Full Moon is at the highest point now, shining a light on progress and encouraging creativity and flair in more than just our relationships. But with Venus and Mars locked into a lasting embrace, this is more than a flash in the pan. Get ready! The next few weeks are set to be emotional.

Wednesday February 16

Double Conjunction

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The double conjunction has arrived! Venus and Mars won't combine like this for another six years. With their first embrace accentuated by the Full Moon, emotional intensity and drama could burn hot enough to melt the snow at the Winter Olympics! But although the cosmos promises excitement and passion, this isn't about winners and losers. Creative heartfelt contributions are being encouraged and recognised. As we feel more supported in our efforts, satisfaction and happiness are the prizes.

Thursday February 17

The Funny Side of Life

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Sometimes we get so swept up in life that we forget to enjoy the ride, savour our experiences or see the funny side when things go a bit wrong! With the continuing alignment between Venus and Mars, plus the energy of Jupiter and Uranus adding innovative sparks to the mix, a philosophical approach will enable us to appreciate what we've got, and find exciting ways to move forwards. By putting things into context and simply appreciating the bigger picture, a new, more positive perspective will form.

Friday February 18

All Work and No Play

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Fun is often frowned upon in professional situations. It's as though enjoying work somehow indicates that not enough effort is being applied. But surely there's more to life than being industrious and looking serious? There are so many wonderful ways to spend our time. As Jupiter and Uranus align just as the Sun enters Pisces, the importance of feeling good can't be overstated. The world needs more imaginative, inspired individuals to make a difference. This weekend, it might just get them!

Saturday February 19

Your Weekly Horoscope

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Some folk have more modest dreams, while others imagine grand futures. But whatever the scale or ambition, we all sometimes feel as if life inspires hope, but fails to give us what's needed to make our dream come true. Does it treat us mean to keep us keen? Or are desire and happiness just elusive bedfellows? Jupiter and Pluto's link may test us economically and philosophically this week. But Venus and Mars insist beauty can flourish in adversity. And Mercury and Uranus indicate that breakthroughs are possible.

Sunday February 20

Your Week Ahead Love Horoscope

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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