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February 21 2022 to February 27 2022

Monday February 21

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It's Presidents' Day in the USA, which reminded me about a childhood trip to New York when I saw the Empire State Building lit up in red, white and blue to celebrate this holiday. But apparently, according to another family member, we visited in the summer, so it must have been another occasion being honoured. As Mercury makes a tricky connection with Neptune, there's a chance of other mis-rememberings and half-imaginings today. But that doesn't mean that ideas won't be inspiring.

Tuesday February 22

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Anyone who's watched the TV show 'Succession' will be familiar with the concept that although money doesn't solve all problems, it can provide the freedom to choose which ones weigh us down! Yet there's a difference between the trappings of great wealth, and being secure enough to no longer worry about poverty. As Jupiter/Pluto form a challenging link, our fears can significantly affect our progress. Yet time spent pursuing projects with passion and optimism will ultimately prove well spent.

Wednesday February 23

No Guarantees

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Life doesn't come with a warranty. Anyone looking for a 'sure thing' risks facing disappointment... because no matter where we're headed, the path rarely remains straight. Yet a bump on the highway doesn't have to signify the end of the road. Currently, the more heart and soul put into pursuing a vision, the higher the possibility of achieving it. Although the cosmos can't provide us with a surefire guarantee now, it does gift us valuable opportunities. Seize the moment today.

Thursday February 24

Toy Story

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My son and I recently went to a screening of 'Toy Story' accompanied by an orchestra. Witnessing such creativity was joyful and, after the lockdown restrictions, we appreciated it even more. With Mercury (communication) leaving its shadow today, new possibilities open up as a need to fix problems gives way to a desire to make plans for the future. And as Venus (love), still embracing Mars (power), links to Neptune (insight), we can afford to get excited about the pleasure life has to offer.

Friday February 25

Round Trip

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As I get older, I'm noticing weird habits forming. I sometimes find myself walking into a room with a specific purpose, only to immediately forget why I went there! But at least with age comes the experience and knowhow needed to accomplish tasks when I actually remember what they are! This weekend, as Mercury leaves the shadow of its retrogradation to link with Uranus, it's an ideal moment to revisit any ideas made in January that never quite made it off the ground. It's not too late!

Saturday February 26

Your March Monthly Horoscope

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As Mars and Venus move on from their long convergence, partings needn't be sorrowful. We're not characters in Romeo and Juliet! And while the zodiac doesn't do romcoms, it doesn't do Shakespearean tragedies either! So as the relationship planets enter Aquarius for their goodbye embrace this month, we can rest assured that all emotional connections bring strength and spiritual growth. And with Jupiter and Neptune drawing ever closer, difficulties will give way to inspiring visions of the future.

Sunday February 27

Your Week Ahead Love Horoscope

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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