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February 27 2023 to March 5 2023

Monday February 27


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Eleven years ago Wikileaks disclosed millions of emails from a private security company. A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. But too much can be overwhelming. So, today, as the skies highlight the value of being open and revealing, there's a risk that oversharing might become a problem. Being open with our emotions and what is in our hearts can bring greater understanding between us all. Successful communication requires you to be selective about what you divulge. You don't need to give away all your secrets.

Tuesday February 28

School of Kindness

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With UK schools facing industrial action, some parents are taking the opportunity to reschedule appointments (like haircuts and dentists) that normally eat into precious weekend time! It's also an opportunity to visit museums and educate kids in ways school can't. It suits the current celestial invitation to be open-minded about how wisdom is gained. But the cosmos calls most loudly for greater kindness. Even if cartoons and cuddles are all we manage, when love is on the curriculum time is never wasted.

Wednesday March 1

Springboard to Success

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I recently saw an online course advertised as a 'springboard to success'. The problem with springboards is that there's inevitably a scary dip before the rise. Maybe the image of a stairway to success is more encouraging! But as mysterious Pluto aligns with the Venus-Jupiter convergence, it's only by looking deeper that we discover the tools we need to grow. Venus and Jupiter's link signals an abundance of love. Pluto's presence reminds us of the need to be kind to and loving to ourselves most of all.

Thursday March 2

Tongue Untied

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Today's Venus-Jupiter convergence emphasises kindness and open-heartedness. But Mercury and Saturn's meeting might make it hard to express our emotions. Sometimes it's hard enough to understand what we're feeling, let alone share it! Yet, as Mercury enters Pisces, tongues won't be tied. As long as we're serious about communicating our feelings with honesty, there's every chance our words will be well received. It's a day for forging connections and investing in relationships.

Friday March 3

Carrot and Stick

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Do we always have to choose between a carrot and a stick? Surely, most of life takes place between the margins... and only computers operate in a binary world? As Venus (love) moves from its meeting with lucky Jupiter to link with restrictive Saturn this weekend, it's tempting to describe this transition as moving from a love feast to an emotional famine. But the truth lies between these extremes. Feelings that have loomed too large are becoming more bite-sized. And more enjoyable.

Saturday March 4

Your Weekly Horoscope

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Why do crows have such a bad reputation? They're often seen as harbingers of doom or problems to scare away. Yet these intelligent, communicative birds can form lasting relationships and solve complex problems. Similarly, Saturn's reputation could benefit from some positive PR. As it enters sensitive and imaginative Pisces with the Crow Moon lighting its way, it exerts a sobering influence. But it's encouraging us to wake up to what we can do to turn our dreams into reality.

Sunday March 5

Your Week Ahead Love Horoscope

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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