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Friday April 16th 2004
The Sun Enters Taurus... by Bernard Fitzwalter

On Monday, at ten to seven in the evening in the UK, the Sun will enter Taurus. Up until that moment it is in Aries, all dashing and dynamic, but as soon as it enters Taurus it changes character completely - or so the theory goes.

A good proportion of the letters written to astrologers are from people born on the 20th or 21st of a given month, wondering which side of the line they're on, and in my experience they seem pretty evenly split between those who hate the idea of the first sign and would dearly love to be the second, and those who fear they might be the second and fervently hope that they are still in the first. It would be nice to report that whichever category they fall into, their instincts are right; but, in fact, the right and wrong guessers in both categories are about evenly divided.

The usual way round the problem is the wonderful idea of the 'cusp', where you are allowed to be both signs at once. Sorry, but it doesn't exist. It's one or the other, and that's that. Think of football. If the ball goes over the line between the goal posts, it's a goal. If it's not between them, it isn't. What if the ball was right next to the post, only an inch outside? Well, hard luck, but it's not a goal. The rules are absolutely clear.

On Monday, a few hours before the Sun enters Taurus, there is a partial solar eclipse. It's very, very late in Aries - but it's there nonetheless. Do goals scored in the last minute count? Of course they do!

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