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Friday December 27th 2002 - by Bernard Fitzwalter

Astrologers say that if you’re thinking hard enough about something, the chart for that instant will show you whether or not it will happen. Just before midnight on New Year’s Eve, there’s a time when almost everybody stops for a moment, holds on to someone they want to be with, and waits for midnight to chime. In those final seconds, we all think of the year ending, and the year about to begin, and silently make a wish. What that amounts to is a simultaneous prayer by millions – so if psychic energy counts for anything, there must be a lot of it around at that instant, and the chart for that moment must be worth looking at.

So what does it say? Well, Saturn and Pluto are still prominent, so there’s still unfinished business from last year in the international arena, but we could all have guessed that. It also seems that people in general – you and me – will be angry about a change in the law or a new tax; angry enough, it seems, to take action. Expect more strikes, embarrassment for the government, and perhaps even a change of leader. Several financial bubbles are about to burst, too, leaving money markets very wobbly. Be very cautious. But the good news is that Venus and Mars are still close, so we can all rely on love making the world go around rather than money. It’s much better like that, anyway.

Greet the planets for the new year! On Sunday around 7am before it gets light, the Moon, Venus and Mars are all together, making them easy to find. In the evenings you can find Saturn – brighter than for many years – up above the shoulders of Orion, and Jupiter some way off to the left. Five planets and no need for a telescope – the cosmos in your own back yard.

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