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Friday March 28th 2003 - edited by Bernard Fitzwalter

This week in Astro News:
~ Sun trine Jupiter ~
~ AstroDiary ~

Venus and Uranus make an exceptionally close conjunction today.

The closer two planets get, the more powerful the experience. Venus is goddess of love, and Uranus brings surprises – so make up a sentence using the words ‘unexpected’, ‘romance’, and ‘intense’. Suddenly an ordinary Friday seems full of possibilities.

The sun is in trine aspect to Jupiter tomorrow, as you will see from the panel on the right. The triangle symbolises a trine, two planets 120 degrees apart. Regular readers know that the sun is a good influence, Jupiter is a lucky planet, and that trines are considered a good thing. So are we all going to have a fabulous day tomorrow?

Not quite. Jupiter is still going backwards, though by this time next week he will have started to move forwards again. These two phenomena - the trine from the sun, and the change of direction - should really be taken together, and Jupiter shouldn’t be considered ready to provide his usual good influences until both have taken place. In the case of Jupiter, the interval between the two events is six days. During this interval, the planet should be considered as being in neutral; ready and full of fuel but not switched on, if you like. For people who want their good fortune right now, this delay is annoying; but there’s reassuring knowledge that good times are just around the corner.

Trine aspects don’t just dump things on our doorsteps; they are gentler than that. They awaken us to possibilities for the future, and give us a little time to ponder them. Six days, in fact.

ASTRODIARY with Adam Smith

Saturday (March 29): Moon Nodes, Komilla Sutton & Sue Tompkins.
London School of Astrology. 10am, Friends Meeting House, 173 Euston Road.
0700 233 4455;

Tuesday (April 1): Lunar Returns, Angie Biggerstaff.
Suffolk Astrological Society: 7:45pm.

Please double-check with the organisation before attending any events listed here - we cannot accept any responsibility for events changed/cancelled.

Are you holding an astrological event - especially one outside London!! - that you would like others to know about?
Send your diary events to Adam at with subject heading: Astro Events with website links.
Please note - we cannot promise to include ALL submissions but will do our best.

Researcher Seeking Assistance

Graham Douglas is carrying out research into possible astrological relationships between the births of siblings in the same family. He is looking for sets of birth data for complete sets of brothers and sisters
of any age. If you are able to help please include date, time and place of birth, gender of the child,
and (if known) whether or not the birth was natural or induced in any way.
A report of the findings will be sent to anyone who requests it, when the investigation is completed.
The email address to contact is Many Thanks for your help.

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