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Friday February 27th 2004
Quintile Triangles by Bernard Fitzwalter

You may have seen, pictures showing dozens of sky-divers all linking hands for a few seconds before they fall away from each other and open their parachutes. The planets are doing something similar this week. Every so often two planets will meet at the harmonious angle astrologers call a quintile, and once in a while three planets will manage to join up in a sort of quintile triangle. Over the next week no fewer than seven planets will get together to produce three different quintile triangles at more or less the same time, which is something very rare, and what makes it all the more interesting is that each of these triangles contains two of the outer planets, which means they have spent not days, but years getting into these positions, and it will be years before they do so again.
What does this mean? Well, all quintiles are good no matter which planets are involved. They foster agreement and positive interaction, helping energies flow to good purpose, but quietly, and without fuss. The quintiles of the outer planets suggest that long processes are now at a moment when something good can be produced, and there is certainly no shortage of candidates among the divided nations and long-running wars in the world today. Given how quiet quintiles are I'd go for diplomatic solutions rather than military ones. We must wait and see. For us all as individuals, this wonderful cascade of quintiles gives us a chance to make the changes we have been wanting to... easily, successfully, and without fuss. It's too good a chance to ignore. Whatever your personal ambition, big or small, give it another try this weekend, and let the quintiles ease the way.

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