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Friday February 6th 2004
New Alignments Make Love More Likely Soon by Bernard Fitzwalter

Jupiter is bright and easy to spot at the moment. On Sunday, it will be right next to the Moon. You can't miss it then. Mars meanwhile, has changed signs since last week, and is now in Taurus. When he was in Aries, he was in his own sign and could do as he pleased; but Taurus is Venus's sign, so he must do as Venus commands him.

This is similar to the way that when you are in your own house, you leave the washing-up in the sink until you feel like doing it but when you are in somebody else's house, you have to watch your manners. But on Sunday evening, Venus enters Aries. That puts Venus in Mars's sign, just as Mars is in Venus's. Both have to behave themselves now! And together, they will create a climate that is good for fondness and intimacy!

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