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~ Psychic Challenge ~
Archive for Monday April 21st 2003

The result of the last Psychic Challenge:
Last week's winner: Wayne Tricker , Stowmarket, UK

This week I don't want you to try too hard! That's because psychic energy flows best when we're relaxed. Trying hard can get in the way of the subconscious messages. Let your mind empty, and just pick one of the pictures. It's as easy as that!

When you think you have tuned into my mental transmission, click here to email your choice and we will announce the answer next week.

The most mystical number is a double-11. All my life I have looked at 11-11 as a hint from a higher intelligence. It keeps cropping up everywhere when I look at clocks, when I buy raffle tickets, when I switch on the TV, I always seem to see 11-11. What does the hint mean? I think it's a reminder: stay tuned to your psychic energy, keep your spiritual mind alive, because there's much more to this universe than you can ever dream. That's why both the clocks in this week's Psychic Challenge are timed at 11-11. Keep your eyes open for more double-elevens this week - and if you see them, email me at

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