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~ Psychic Challenge ~
Archive for Monday December 15th 2003

Yale key

Car key

The result of the last Psychic Challenge:
Last week I was focusing on the watch set at 12:35, option A (62 per cent chose correctly).

After a performance at the Royal Albert Hall, 14 people complained to me that keys had bent in their pockets. "How am I going to get home?" and "How will I get in when I am home?" are words I've heard a lot. I take no responsibility - your own MindPower bends the objects around you. I'm just the catalyst! Hide your keys now and tackle my Psychic Challenge: am I focusing on the house key or the car key?
When you feel you know, click here to email your choice and we will announce the answer next week.

There are three questions I hear every day of my life. I'm always happy to answer them, because they mean another brain is being turned on to psychic abilities. So if you've ever wondered about the powers of the mind, here are the answers:

1: Is that for real?
Yes, it's totally real. I am not a conjuror. I can barely shuffle a pack of cards, and I don't do tricks. I admire stage magicians: Paul Daniels is a national treasure and should be knighted immediately, but my career has been utterly different. I've come to believe that I was given these strange gifts to inspire others, to be a catalyst and help human beings tune in to their massive untapped potential. The more popular I am, the more people I reach. So yes, I'm an entertainer - and yes, it's all real.

2: What do you see in your head when you're reading someone's mind?
I visualise a blank cinema screen, and let the other person's mind act as a projector. Images appear unbidden. It's a completely passive skill. I don't feel any physical sensation as I pick up the thoughts - but then, I don't suppose a radio can feel radio signals either: it simply receives them.

3: What can you feel when you're bending a spoon?
To bend metal or mend clocks I must allow my mind to slip into a calm mode, almost going onto automatic pilot. It's a lot like doing yoga or meditation: the energy flow around my body becomes calm and regular, and more forceful. If I am agitated or distracted, the metal won't bend. The closest description I can find is that, when it's really humming, my energy feels like pure spring water, running out of my fingertips.

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