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Youíre not fussy. Oh dear me no. Perish the very thought. Youíll happily make do and mend with whatever comes along in life. As long, that is, as the shape of it is completely correct, the colour is the absolute precise shade you require and you can have documents, in triplicate, attesting to its pedigree. There is, I hasten to add, nothing wrong with this. You were born blessed with an uncanny ability to discriminate. Margarine from butter? Pah! You can even tell Jersey from Danish just by sniffing the dish. As with food, so with the other appetites that play such a big part in your life. You have a phenomenal ability to enjoy and even indulge yourself. But only if things are 'Just so.' 'Just right.' 'Just perfect.' This is not, sadly, just what your other half may want to hear. You see, if you pick someone who is not picky enough, thereíll be tension every time you try to exercise your extraordinary powers of perception. And of course, if you pick someone like you, youíll both end up in a pickle; picking each others preferences apart.
When it comes to unleashing your creative abilities, similar dangers lurk.
You are extremely intelligent, capable and resourceful. Thereís little you cannot understand or find a way to do - and do well. But itís not always easy to maintain enthusiasm for a plan or project. The moment you see the downside, you doubt the upside and begin to wonder if you ought to be doing something more constructive with your time. There has of course, been much love in your life to date because you are such an extremely easy person to love, admire and respect. There has been much impressive achievement too for you are almost compulsively efficient, practical, responsible and 'together'. But there has not been as much wild magic as you secretly yearn for. Thatís a balance that the Transit of Venus has come along to help rectify in ways which I shall begin to predict and explain next.

The world is full of people who, it seems, are full of their own self importance. So much so that often, they simply cannot bring themselves to recognise how important YOU are. This doesnít bother you particularly.
You have long since learned to laugh and the world and its vainglorious folly. Yet every so often you do wish you could be consulted, just a little more, about some of the key decisions that need to be made. You find yourself, in relationships, fighting against the urge to indulge a sense of regret or resentment. You arenít just leave others to make their own mistakes... for fear of the repercussions they might unleash. Yet nor do you want to come across as a constant critic. Last week though, as Venus passed across the face of the Sun for the first time since 1882, a new era of opportunity began for the world. And for you, that opportunity involved a chance to start worrying less and enjoying yourself more. As you now start to be less anxious about the situations you find yourself in and the people you are close to, youíll find you actually have less to be anxious about!
Soon, thereís going to be more fun and less fear, more spontaneity and less seriousness, more chance to indulge your most thrilling fantasies and less pressure to somehow constantly be the voice of common sense in your closest liaison.
You are also about to enjoy an elevation of status. Soon, youíll find more people are willing to pay attention to what you have to say - and even to actively seek out your advice. You can expect to be placed in more positions of responsibility and to be reward for this accordingly. It wonít all change overnight but it will change. And you had better be psychologically prepared. Because, as I shall explain next, the biggest challenge that the Transit of Venus poses you is not so much too little choice and power... as too much.

Despite what the cynics say, there are such things as 'good times' and they do roll in from time to time. And when they do, we donít have to assume that they will roll out and leave us feeling disappointed or miserable. So when your good times start to roll in, which the Transit of Venus insists they will do, very soon, you should not worry about how long they are going to last. Nor should you waste time wondering whether of not you deserve them.
They are YOUR good times and your only duty is to enjoy them - and to do what you can to share them with as many other people as you can... even the ones you donít feel especially kindly disposed towards.
Donít put up blocks to your own happiness. Donít hang on to old resentments. Donít forget but do forgive. And do move on. For a wonderful new phase of your future awaits. One that should bring you much more respect, a much better sense of autonomy and power - and a much happier relationship, not just with one key individual - but with the whole of the rest of the cosmos!
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