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April 3rd - April 7th

Genuine predictions?

Saturday was April Fool's day. Normally, I resist the urge to play pranks but this year, as you may have noticed, mischief got the better of me. As I was writing my spoof piece about alien spaceships, I was trying hard to make it sound credible. On Saturday, I got my come-uppance. Knowing that my own words were out there, fooling people... I scoured the press for other silly stories. I found what I felt sure was a joke... and it turned out to be a perfectly serious piece. The trouble with the world in which we live is that it is full of almost unbelievable things - and it is changing very fast. I can clearly recall a time when, if someone had written about walking on the moon - or using the internet - we would have thought that they were just 'April fooling us'. So I feel that now, I owe you a genuine prediction on the topic of visitors from other planets. We will meet them. But not for another couple of decades or more.

Astronomy versus astrology

I can tell you, with absolute certainty, where all the planets in the sky will be tomorrow, or next week - or next year. Indeed, I can tell you where they will be at any given moment in the next few thousand years. It is my knowledge as an astronomer that allows me to do this. I know the orbits of all the heavenly bodies in this solar system. Using reliable, mathematical techniques, I can make amazing, accurate predictions. If though, I stick to the principles of pure astronomy, I then have to tell you that all this data means nothing. The sky may be offering us hard, fast, factual information about the future but it has no relevance. I though, am not just an astronomer, I am an astrologer. The difference is essentially one of philosophy. Astrology says "That data cannot possibly just be there by chance. It must be offering to tell us a lot more than that... provided we can learn how to read it properly."

Perspective problems

Hold your fingers just in front of your temples - and then try to focus your eyes on them. You can't. You can sense them. You can just about catch them in the corner of your vision. But you can't see what they actually look like. That is roughly the experience that we all have when we try to peer into our own future. Do we have the same problem when we try to see the future for someone else? Only if that person's future intertwines, in some way, with our own. Then, we have perspective problems once more. Some people argue that, as we all live on the same planet - there are always going to be some areas of overlap between one person's future and another's. Because of this, they claim, we the whole idea is dead in the water. But while I acknowledge the existence of a challenge, I predict a very bright tomorrow for the art of seeing tomorrow. Meanwhile, apologies to anyone who may have sent us an email during the last few days and not yet received a reply. We have had technical gremlins who seem to have performed magical disappearing acts in our mailbox... Meanwhile, thank you again for all the feedback received regarding time changes - feedback can be read in our Letters & Questions section - click on the link in the left hand frame.

Planet watching

The planets are now taking their places for the grand cosmic conjunction, early next month. Three of them are already in the sign of Taurus and two of them (Jupiter and Mars) are now side by side. Tonight, cloud cover permitting, you should actually be able to witness this amazing sight. You won't need a telescope or a map of the sky. Just go out, soon after dark and look for the Moon. It too, is in Taurus at the moment - looking rather like a tiny toenail cutting. Nearby, you will see Jupiter, looking like a bright star and, if you peer carefully, you should be able to see Mars, glowing like a tiny pinprick of red light in the distance. You should also be able to pick out Saturn in the same area of the sky, glowing a pale yellow colour slightly west of the Moon. It may not look especially impressive - but what you are looking at is a rare and special alignment - full of powerful meaning. And it is also extremely auspicious - as I shall explain tomorrow.

Mars and Jupiter favourably aligned

Birth certificates are a fairly new invention. Birthdays, too, are modern. In centuries past, few but the rich knew the day, the month or even the year of their arrival on this earth. Astrologers, therefore, didn't give too many personal readings or even general, zodiac sign predictions. Instead, for thousands of years, we answered questions like "When is the best time to set out on a journey - or to get married?" We would then reply 'Wait till the new moon - or wait till Mars and Jupiter are favourably aligned." Mars and Jupiter are favourably aligned right now. This is a most auspicious time for anyone who wants to set a new process in motion. If you think that sounds simplistic, give it a try. Sign a contract today. Or do a deal. If that's not possible, just make a gesture of personal commitment to a cherished aspiration. Then, watch how the finger of fate starts pointing you in the right direction!

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