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April 10th to April 14th

Lumps of stone

Somewhere in South West Wales today, forty people are working themselves into a state of exhaustion by dragging an enormous piece of Bluestone rock across the countryside. The giant lump of stone is tied to a wooden sledge - which they are pulling with long pieces of twine. They intend to keep this up till September, when they reach Salisbury Plain. This, they reckon, is how our ancestors managed to move the boulders which now form Stonehenge.
Meanwhile today, in Austria, a team of physicists are fiddling with photons. They have a discovery which they claim, could lead to matter transportation, Star Trek style. The main fear, with such a process, is that atoms will get jumbled up on the journey, causing people to re-appear with bits in the wrong places, rather as if they had been painted by Picasso. So they do not intend to work with people. Instead, they will use simple objects that can go back together in a slightly different order without it being too much of a problem. Bits of wood for example. Or lumps of stone.
Hmmm. Lumps of stone. I wonder. We can't prove that our ancestors had access to technology like this. But then, nor can we prove that they didn't.

The circle of time
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Time, they tell us, is infinite. It goes on forever. And ever. I find this very hard to wrap my brain around this idea. It tires and frustrates me to try. So usually, I don't bother. I think, instead, about easier things. Like what's for supper. Or which park to take a stroll in on a Sunday afternoon. Last Sunday though, I had a little thought. I don't suppose it is a new one - but it is at least, new to me. A circle is a line that has no beginning or end. It goes around and round, forever. And ever. In that respect, it is infinite. Just like time. What if time IS a circle? What if you can never get to the end of it because if you travel along it long enough, you just come back round to the beginning? Might this explain how our distant ancestors would appear to have had access to technology that we have only just begun to invent?

Spokes on the wheel of time
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If you don't want to have your brain boggled, please read no further. But if, like me, you have a fascination with the notion of time travel, I'd like to share the following idea. Think of time as a circle. Or a wheel. All the spokes on a wheel are of equal length. Find a way to measure one - and you've got the measurement of them all. Now, what if there are 'spokes' on the wheel of time? What if every moment in the whole of history links up directly, via some kind of spoke, to another point, in the future? What if you could somehow travel across that spoke? Suppose, just for a moment that this was possible and that it was the ONLY way you could travel through time. If so, and if you went back in time and hung round for a while, you'd go forward. To the next spoke. If you then travelled back across this next spoke, you'd arrive back on this side of the wheel, just before you left to go there! If you follow this - or if you think it is wrong - or if you actually know how to make it happen(!) do drop me a line! Meanwhile, a big thank you to everyone who wrote with their admissions of "things we just accept". You can read some of these in our Letters & Questions section.

Earth the time machine
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In one sense, we are all time travellers. We all have a history which we regularly revisit. We are all on a journey, from yesterday to tomorrow. And we would all appear to be travelling at the same speed. The Earth we live on IS a time machine. So maybe we need to master long distance space travel if we want to alter our relationship with time. Or maybe not. There is an ad on British TV at the moment, in which people go back in time, meet themselves in their past - and then encourage their old selves to make positive choices. Can we really do this? And can we do it the other way round? Can we reach into the future, hook up with the person that we would most like to become... and then ensure that we DO become this person? At the essence of astrology is the belief that we CAN.

Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh didn't have much of an education. When he finally made it to an academy of art, he felt the so called experts were quashing his originality. So he left. The pedants of this world have had it in for him ever since. They have criticised his pictures, doubted his talent and recently, they have accused him of having "a low IQ." Oh yes? And how do they know that? Did they go down to his grave with a Mensa test and deduct points for every question that he couldn't answer? Some people are obsessed with exams. They spend their days inventing fiendish new ways to make false comparisons. They want to take all the joy out of learning and turn it into some ugly point scoring process. These days many such people work as government education advisors. We - and our children - urgently need protection from them!


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