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August 1st to August 4th

The Big Green Gathering

I have just returned from an event in Wiltshire called The Big Green Gathering. It's an annual camp for a few thousand people from all over the world. Healers, craftspeople, astrologers, musicians, artists and a host of 'new age practitioners' all get together for a kind of party cum conference. I chaired one discussion on the ways in which time travel may one day develop into a reality. I then attended many more lectures and workshops on a host of fascinating topics - from crop field circles to Astro-geometry. Over the next few days I shall tell you more about what I learned. Don't forget if you have missed any previous "Thoughts for the Day" you can find them archived on this site - look for the link in the left hand frame.

Karma clearance at Stargate

On Sunday, I sat beneath a Stargate. It's a fascinating structure, involving three legs which touch the ground, supporting a horizontal six-pointed star. From each point of that star, a strut extents upwards, at an angle. The struts meet to form a pyramid. Such shapes, I am told, were once fashioned from stone by the Egyptians and from bone by North American Indians. The one I tried was made of copper tubing. This, claim the makers, makes it portable and attunes it to present day energies. They also say it can aid meditation, intuition, past life regression and er, "karma clearance". I'm not subtle enough to be sure whether it did any of that for me. But it certainly looked pretty. For more details, write to 2 Old Post Office Lane, Badsey, Evesham, WR11 5UF, England, United Kingdom.

On your bike

Last weekend, I saw a most unusual stage. It had lights, microphones and performers as you might expect but, at the front, there stood a line of exercise bikes. The audience could see and hear the show, just so long as sat on the bikes as kept pedalling. By comparison, this made the other sources of power at the Big Green Gathering seem ordinary. The entire event for several thousand people was run exclusively on energy from the sun and the wind. Those windmills and solar panels were impressively quiet, clean and efficient. They created a most inspiring vision of the future - and they have inspired me to get my own home converted to 'alternative power'. I'll let you know how this goes.

Crystal energy

For years, I have been surrounded by people who collect crystals. I have never though, really understood why so much fuss is made about them. To me, they just seem like pretty stones. Recently though, I watched a crystal being charged with psychic energy. A certain person... (regular readers can probably guess who) held a crystal in his hand for a brief moment. He closed his eyes, he concentrated hard and then, a second later, he passed it to me. It was glowing so hot that I simply couldn't hold it. The crystal remained warm to the touch for a surprisingly long time afterwards. I now officially surrender my scepticism on the subject. Meanwhile, in a week's time Saturn will be leaving the sign of Taurus, where it has been for approximately two and a half years, and moving into Gemini. Astrologer Kathryn Cassidy has written some interesting articles on the effect of this on all the signs of the zodiac - click on her link in the left hand frame. Enjoy.


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