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December 4th to 8th

Gift guide - Aries

Not sure what to get your loved ones for Christmas? Here's an astrological guide to seasonal shopping. We'll cover every sign in the next couple of weeks, starting today with Aries. ARIES people appreciate efficiency. They admire items which are cleverly designed and well made. Indeed, if an item has such qualities, they will appreciate it even if they have little real use for it. People born under the sign of the ram may be hasty but their tastes are surprisingly refined so, if you want to score a hit, choose something practical rather than decorative. Give them "tools of their trade" - whatever that trade may be. If you can't afford the set, get them one - of top quality. And don't worry if they already have it. Aries people have an amazing propensity to lose things so they'll be glad of a spare!

Gift guide - Taurus

TAUREANS have a deep affinity with things of the earth. Plants, therefore, make a good gift for people born under this sign. So, too, do semi-precious stones and crystals - - or clays, for creative modelling. This same 'earthiness' causes Taureans to appreciate natural, traditional materials. Items made from wood, wicker, cotton and wool - or with a simple, rustic feel, appeal more than modern, man made materials. Don't worry too much about getting your Taurean something that is "too close" to an item they already own. Remember that people born under this sign are avid collectors. Remember too, that all earth sign people are sensual. Something luxurious and indulgent (and/or wickedly sweet) will never go amiss.

Gift guide - Gemini

GEMINIS have an insatiable appetite for information. Reference works on almost any topic will please them. Don't worry about choosing a topic they are interested in. You can pick at random. Whether it's "Doorknobs Through The Ages" or "The Peanut Grower's Guide to Crop Yield in Zero Gravity" your Gemini friend will be grateful for this compendium of rare wisdom. Indeed, there's a high chance that they will say "That's amazing. I was thinking about this very thing just recently." Of course they were. There's not a subject under the sun that they don't ponder once in a while. Should a book or computer program seem inappropriate, you can pander to Gemini curiosity in another way. Get them night-sights or devices that can detect whispered conversations from a distance. If you dare!

Gift guide - Cancer

CANCERIANS are supposed to be easy to please. As all they ever want is a little re-assurance, it truly is "the thought that counts" with people born under this sign. Really though, that's all the more reason to put some thought into what you give them. Cancerians, who will worry about anything if given half an excuse, often worry on behalf of the person who has given them a present. They may worry that too money much has been spent - or that they are now obliged to wear the scarf every day - or read the book from cover to cover. This may sound odd but, if you really want to score a hit, find out who your Cancerian now most wants to help or what cause they want to support. Give something that they, in turn can use to be of assistance to others.

Gift guide - Leo

LEOS appreciate elegance and simplicity. You don't therefore, have to spend a fortune to please someone born under this sign; you simply have to choose an item that's stylish, chic and timeless in its design. What kind of an item? It hardly matters. A cup, a coffee pot, a piece of jewellery, a scarf, a case, a vase, a pen - or even an item of food. Just look for something that strikes you as 'classic and classy.' And there's your perfect present - because in giving it you are effectively saying, to your Leo friend, is "I recognise that you are a person of taste and discrimination who deserves the best." That just so happens to be a statement Leos can't hear often enough!


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