Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

December 11th to 15th

Gift guide - Virgo

VIRGOS enjoy finding fault. That's why it's so easy to choose them Christmas presents. You can get them almost anything, safe in the knowledge that they will enjoy working out what's wrong with it. Don't waste time looking for an item so perfect or flawless as to be beyond criticism. Nowhere in the world, for a Virgo at least, does such a thing exist! Look instead, for something that's patently full of mistakes; a collection of funny printing errors - or some device, imported from overseas, with dreadfully unreadable instructions. Alternatively, bypass the intellect entirely and make a direct, brazen appeal to Virgo sensuality. Give your Virgo a good physical reason to purr with pleasure.

Gift guide - Libra

LIBRANS don't much mind what they get for Christmas, provided they don't have to be asked what they want. That requires them to weigh up far too much. They have to consider their own preferences and then they have to think hard about your resources, for they do not want to request what you cannot supply. If you really want to please a Libran, offer to find out what their friends want for Christmas and then do the shopping for them. That way if the gifts go down well, they can take the credit, and if not, they can blame you!

Gift guide - Scorpio

SCORPIOS are often attracted to items which purport to be one thing - yet turn out to be another. Pens that turn out to be flashlights. Wristwatches that contain cameras. Hardback books with a hole cut in the pages - where valuable goods can be hidden. Secrets are a matter of pride and fascination to all born under this sign. Publications, therefore, which have the word secret in the title are sure to go down well - no matter how innocuous they may actually be. Likewise, gifts that somehow subtly comment on a secret that you and your Scorpio friend are both keeping together. You are not party to any of their secrets? Then wrap a vase, scarf or household object in plain brown paper... and make it look just a little as if it has something extremely private and personal inside it!

Gift guide - Sagittarius

Sagittarians do not need books about Zen meditation. They live naturally in what eastern mystics call "the here and now." Or, so at least, we must assume. They certainly don't live in the past. Their memories are selective and erratic. Nor do they live in the future - to which they rarely give much thought. For Christmas, you can give them what you gave them the year before last. They probably won't remember and, even if they do, they will have lost it by now. Sagittarians have broad tastes. They can appreciate most colours, textures and styles. Even if they DON'T like a gift, you merely have to say, "I bet you won't enjoy this." People born under this sign can never resist a challenge.

Gift guide - Capricorn

CAPRICORNS are supposed to be practical and serious. In reality, this is not so but because so many astrologers keep pressing the point, Capricorns begin to believe it must be true. So too, do their friends who feel obliged to give useful, sensible items rather than thrilling, frivolous presents. Capricorn though, is NOT the sign of the sturdy mountain goat but the mysterious mythological sea-goat. Those born under this sign appreciate the exotic and the unusual and have an attraction to anything sensual or even slightly shocking. Be bold, imaginative and best of all, slightly silly in your choice.


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