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February 14th to 18th 2000


WE all know what day it is but, surprisingly enough, the planets don't. Venus, the bringer of romance, was called Aphrodite in ancient Greece. Legend tells us that she had two sons; Cupid and Eros. The whole family seem to be keeping quiet today. That isn't, of course, to say that they won't come if they are called upon. Those mythological beings are an obliging bunch. Even when the cosmic timetable says that they are supposed to be 'off duty', they keep their mobile phones switched on. But when the planets are in the right alignment, no cards or flowers are needed! If your Valentine's day doesn't turn out to be special, don't fret. Later this year, there will be many more potent, planetary reasons for love to surface.

Romantic influences?

I am dictating this in the back of a taxi, after a long weekend producing the Astrological Love Computer (Click on the link in the left hand frame to read yours). I hope you had an enjoyable Valentine's Day but, if not, remember what I said yesterday about how the planets do not recognise this particular occasion. There will be many more dates throughout the year when the cosmic influences are much more appropriate for sudden, magical personal encounters.

Complex designs

For the past week or so, I have been staying in London, building and testing the 'Astrological Love Computer' (click on the link in the left hand frame). I must thank David Nicholson for his help with this. I knew how I wanted it to work but there were an awful lot of things to test. I began to feel like a software designer, trying to produce something simple and easy to use but which contained a lot of tricky hidden processes. People who wrestle with such tasks for a living now have a lot more of my sympathy and understanding. On the way back to Yorkshire, I saw the Moon, hanging low over the fields. Now, there's a really impressive example of deeply complex design, invisibly disguised behind magnificent simplicity.

Shared experience

Years ago, one of my daughters suddenly fell ill. I had to stay with her in hospital. For the first few days, all I could think about was her. Then, I had a long conversation with the specialist consultant. Having told me all she could about the treatment that my daughter needed, she said "Now you are adapting to this reality, talk to some of the other patients and their parents." Till then, I had all but ignored them. Even in the middle of an open ward, I was living in a very private bubble. My daughter has long since recovered but I have never forgotten the lesson I learned that day. How easy it is, sometimes, to focus on your own pain or trauma - and to forget that others too, have theirs. Sharing it doesn't make everything better. But it brings perspective. And somehow, it helps a lot.

Full influence of a full Moon

DOES the Moon still have an influence on us, even in this modern age? Of course. Just ask anyone who works in the fishing industry - or for the emergency services - or with the Samaritans. Ask a publican, an obstetrician or a speed cop. You don't have to be an astrologer to notice the link between human behaviour and the new or full Moons. When the Full Moon takes place on a Friday or Saturday night, the effect is deeply intensified. Weekends are times when more people go out 'on the prowl'. With a Full Moon to encourage them, they become even more prone to outbursts of passion - of one kind or another. Take it easy tonight and tomorrow. Avoid bats, broomsticks, graveyards... and most importantly of all, lapses of judgement!


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