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July 10th to July 14th

Dr Harry Oldfield

Last week I met an amazing inventor who specialises in devices that allow us to see psychic phenomena. Machines than can pick up 'auras' round people, animals and plants have been around for a while. This fellow though, has found a way to view the chakras that they teach you about in yoga - plus the invisible meridians that acupuncturists treat on the human body. He showed me several very impressive photographs and pieces of video tape. I have a feeling that Dr. Harry Oldfield is going to become very famous soon.

Where is Astrocat?!

Usually, when I have something to say in this space, our cartoon cat adds his own comment by adopting a particular pose. Yesterday though, I was talking about machines that can see auras. When I turned to this page, I was a little surprised to find a picture of Astrocat, carrying a backpack and walking off into the sunset. At first, I thought this was some kind of cryptic joke. But today, there's no sign of him at all. Have I said something to upset him? Has he been poached by a rival publication? Or has he been stolen? Kidnapped... or should that be catnapped? If you see our feline friend on your travels, please let me know.

Hiroshima flame of peace

Here's a photo taken last week in a London. The man in white is Hiroki Okano, a musician and peace campaigner. The chap in red is one of many Tibetan monks who live in exile since the Chinese invaded their homeland. The lamp in the foreground contains a flame, lit from the embers of the Hiroshima bomb. It was originally a flame of sorrow and outrage. It has since become a flame of hope for a world with no more war. Hiroki carried it here from Japan - where he must now return. He wants me to ask if there is any organisation in this land that would be willing to tend his flame and keep it burning in public?

Quiet cosmic timetable

Today and tomorrow are what some astrologers call 'quiet days'. If you look in the ephemeris - or daily cosmic timetable, it will tell you that no planets are currently forming angles to other planets. One or two student astrologers have noticed this and asked how I can compile forecasts when, apparently, there's nothing going on in the sky. Actually though, there's plenty going on. Angles of alignment are being formed, they just aren't culminating yet. But for the purposes of preparing forecasts like this, it is the period just prior to culmination, which is always of greatest interest. So as far as I'm concerned, the next couple of days are likely to be anything but quiet.

Media messages

I was amazed to hear, the other day, that the US government have been working in collusion with the main TV networks, to get specific messages across to the general public. In return for the freedom to carry more advertising, the broadcasters have been deliberately fixing the plots of shows like ER - so that they teach certain moral or social lessons. The writer's scripts have, allegedly, even been sent to the Whitehouse for approval before transmission. Just for the record, despite my little joke in today's Leo forecast, I can re-assure readers that no such insidious influence is being exerted over this column. Note to Tony - please delete before printing - is this OK with you?


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