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June 12th to June 16th

Visiting Stonehenge

I have, as you may have noticed, been recently writing a lot about Stonehenge. I ought to mention, before I say any more, that I have never actually visited this ancient monument. I have driven past it once or twice but I have always wanted to have my first encounter with those stones at dawn on the day of the solstice. For years, this has simply not been possible. Stonehenge has always been closed to the public on the one day of the year that it was built to celebrate. This year though, I understand that it is going to be open. I am beginning to feel very excited.

Can you see the cat?

Next to this introductory piece, you should be seeing a cute little picture of a cartoon cat. The picture is supposed to change every day. If that's not happening you may need to adjust the auto refresh facility on your browser. Or we may need to re-write the software that displays the cartoon! If you are not getting a new picture of Astro Cat each day, please e.mail us marking your e.mail I CAN'T SEE THAT CAT! If you can add a little info about the machine you are on and the software you are using, that would help us. WE WILL NOT REPLY to those e.mails. We will simply read them - and then work to make sure that everything is as it should be.

Predict football

Rumours are beginning to reach me of an international sporting event, now taking place. Apparently, it involves teams of young men from various lands, wearing boots and chasing balls. For reasons that I do not fully understand there no female participants. But then this is not the only point that baffles me. Why is it 'important'? Why should it matter who wins and who loses? I am constantly being asked for my predictions about the outcome of Euro 2000. I will happily make such a forecast, complete with half and full time scores, if someone can first supply me with credible answers to the questions above.

Visions of the future

The trouble with being an astrologer is that sometimes, when you are looking into the future, you see things that aren't especially inspiring. What do you do about such visions? Ignore them and hope that you are wrong? Announce them and create gloom? Or issue a warning in the hope that if enough people are alerted, an event can be averted. I have been concerned, for some while, about the artificial sweeteners that so many people take so freely these days. I think that one day soon, scientists will decide that they are not as safe as we thought. Likewise, some of the medical vaccines that are now in common use. I don't know whether to say anything or keep quiet. I guess I'm saying something.

Full Moon and TV documentary

Whenever the Moon is full, there is an experience of deep intensity to be attained. It becomes generally easier to develop a passion for things. This is fine if you are getting into something you enjoy but not so great if you are allowing yourself to passionately embrace a prejudice... or a fear... or an anxiety. As tonight's Full Moon in Sagittarius sets big waves rolling over the cosmic sea, try to surf them, not be by swamped them. Watch out for a tendency towards recklessness. Watch out too, if you live in the UK, for a Channel Four documentary at 9pm on Sunday. It is all about the role of astrology in the modern world... and contains a lot of comment from some bald bloke with a name that's hard to spell.


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