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March 1st to 3rd 2000

Sporty Spice

Yesterday, I met a living legend. There she was in a TV studio, somewhere in East London, looking for all the world like a mere mortal. I wasn't fooled though. Once a goddess, always a goddess. And once a Spice Girl... ... ... Well, anyhow. Melanie Jayne Chisholm was born in Widnes, on January 12, 1974 at 9.32pm. Her Capricorn personality is made all the more earthy by a shortage of planets in water and fire signs. I suspect that, subconsciously, she chose the fiery name 'Sporty Spice' to compensate for this. Her unusual chart reflects her meteoric rise to the top and suggests she is going to stay there. So too, does her first solo album; Northern Star.

Kathryn Cassidy

People often ask me if I read my own horoscope. I always explain that this is like asking a doctor to perform a self-diagnosis. It's much better to seek an objective second opinion. When I want my horoscope reading, I call up Kathryn Cassidy - who has been working with me now for several years. I also get her to help me answer some of the many technical questions that people ask me, in emails, every week. Kathryn has now compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions. It's not complete... we will be adding more to it in the weeks ahead. But if you do have something that you've always wanted to know about astrology, (click on her link in the left hand frame). You may just find the answer.

Steely Dan

Some astrological influences affect us all. Other alignments though, make a profound difference to some people - whilst leaving others untouched. It is not of course, just cosmic events that can have a selective impact. Earthly factors sometimes cause just a small sector of the population to jump for joy. Right now, I happen to be in one of those minority groups. My favourite band have finally produced an album of new material. The last time this happened, I still had hair on my head. For Steely Dan fans all over the world, this is due to be a very pleasing weekend. And for everyone else? Well, there is another cosmic rhythm to respond to. The New Moon is about to cause us all, one way or another, to start looking at our lives from a different perspective.


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