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March 6th to 10th 2000


On Friday, I got so excited about the new Steely Dan album that I clean forgot to mention the astrology behind it. Donald Fagen (Jan 10, 1948) is a Capricorn and Walter Becker (Feb 20, 1950) is a Piscean. This, presumably, explains why the music they make together is so gloriously earthy yet so sweetly ethereal. Still on the topic of heavenly harmony, Lulu has just released a new single in the UK. It's called "Where the Poor Boys Dance" and it proves that this fiesty Scorpio can write every bit as compellingly as she sings. If you have a favourite artist, performer or writer, drop me a line - and I'll attempt an astrological analysis of their work.

May alignment

With each passing day, we are getting closer to May's historic cosmic conjunction. Will this really change our lives forever? The answer has to be 'yes' - though not in the course of a single month. Negative ideas and narrow beliefs have dominated our world for most of the last millennium. We have been brought up to see the world as a regrettably harsh and selfish place. We feel that it has always been like this... and that it will probably never alter. Though isolated pockets of people, with hope for a brighter, more tolerant future are doing what they can to change the perception, they are not yet having much success. Their day though is finally coming. Fresh hope is on the horizon. Like a sunrise after a long night, it will slowly but inevitably emerge. No matter how dark the world now seems to be, astrologers are sure that May will bring the first glimmer of that brave new dawn.

Our inspiring future

We will never live in a perfect world. There will always be people who want to criticise, compete against - or enter into conflict with each other. There will always be pressure, pain and sadness. There will always be selfishness, greed, ignorance and abuse of power. There will also, always, be earthquakes, floods and fires. Given all this, how can we speak with any hope about a golden age? What can any 'new era' have to offer us? How about; "A future in which we handle it all with more wisdom. A time when we all make more of a deliberate effort to understand, to tolerate and to co-operate with our fellow beings. An epoch in which more of us become inspired, more enlightened and more willing to care and share." I am very much looking forward to such a change. And, despite all the current evidence to the contrary, I confidently predict that it is on the way.

Time travelling astrologer

Sometimes, being an astrologer is a bit like being a time traveller. One moment, you are looking at the picture for later in the decade, the next you are going way back into the past, to the day that someone was born or that some significant event shaped history. Suddenly you have to stop and remember where you are, right here and right now. At the moment, I am dwelling a lot in the future. I am trying to get a better view of the world we may all be living in a few years hence. Each time I peer at what lies ahead, the image gets harder to comprehend. I keep testing it, with different astrological techniques to confirm what I seem to be seeing. It looks as if human beings are about to gain a whole new relationship with time itself.

Time flies

Some days fly by much faster than others. When we are alert, awake and aware, we can get more done, in the space of a few hours, than we sometimes manage in a few weeks. The more I look at what lies ahead for humanity, the more convinced I become that time is somehow soon going to speed up for many of us. People who work with computers know all about the rate at which today's expensive, state-of-the-art technology can become tomorrow's electronic dinosaur. I see no sign of this slowing down... but I do see a time when the pace of social change may start to accelerate almost as quickly. Our current views, philosophies and attitudes are evolving by the decade. We appear to be entering a phase during which they start to alter dramatically, from one year to the next.


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