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March 13th to 17th 2000

This website and the Internet gold rush..

The internet gold rush continues apace. If all the speculators and the pundits are to believed, this site is now worth untold millions. All we have to do is launch ourselves on the stock market. Tempting though such a carrot may be, I have some big reservations. What I have always liked most about the web is its freedom of spirit. This is (or it used to be) a world where the big, powerful multinationals exist on a level playing field with the most humble, homespun operations. I don't like the idea that I, or any of the other people who have worked so hard to build this site, might one day end up being voted off the board of our own company. And what if I ever want to make a prediction which the shareholders don't approve of? Against this, there is a feeling that, to ensure that this site remains successful, we ought to include more features by more writers. That means more editors, more graphics and more bandwidth. What do YOU think? And, if you happen to be actually IN the internet business, what can you tell us about expansion? Is it possible for us to fund a new phase of growth without selling our souls? If so how? What do we do? Who do we talk to? If you know something, please tell us!

Astrologers making predictions

Wherever possible, astrologers avoid making specific predictions about particular events. We find it a lot safer to be vague. This allows us to claim credit when it suits us - and it gets us off the hook if we have misread a horoscope. It also stops us from influencing the course of events - or from causing offence by making controversial predictions. Nostradamus, with his cryptic rhymes, was the real master of this technique but it goes back much further. Out of respect to the tradition, I always make a point of speaking in riddles or of burying my very best prophecies in a set of casual, seemingly off-hand remarks. You won't, for example, ever catch me sticking my neck out and saying something like "The next Lord Mayor of London is going to be a Gemini, born on June 17, 1945."

Has the 21st Century begun?

Many people are wondering if, or when, the 21st century will ever begin. All we seem to have to show for it so far, is a fading memory of some champagne corks and fireworks. We need to be patient for just a little longer. We may not all be about to don silver suits and ride around on anti-gravity surfboards but the planetary cogs and wheels are turning. There WILL come a point, in the next few weeks, when they turn so far that we notice the difference here on earth. Today's change of direction for both Pluto and Mercury is a clear sign of the start of a new process. So too, is the rare Jupiter/Neptune square which culminates tomorrow.

Should this site have an archive system?

Many people write in to the site asking for horoscopes from previous days. Up until now, it has been my strong feeling not to archive these on the grounds that our focus here is on the future, not the past. I still feel inclined to take this view - though I am willing to be persuaded otherwise if enough people feel strongly that we ought to be providing a back issue service. Starting today though I am pleased to announce that we have opened an archive of previous Thoughts for the Day. Click on the link in our left hand frame.

Marjorie Orr's Astro Calculation software

WE get many requests these days from people who do not necessarily want a full horoscope to be calculated and interpreted for them, but who merely require access to the raw astrological data, so that they can work out the rest for themselves. We are in the process of constructing such a piece of software, which we hope in time, to make instantly available on this page. Meanwhile, my very good friend Marjorie Orr is one step ahead of me. On her astrological website there is a calculation facility which is accurate, quick and easy to use. So if you want to know what planet was where on any given date in history, visit and make a bookmark for future reference.


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