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March 20th - March 24th

The Sun, the Moon and the cosmic timetable

Last night, at 11.44pm New York time, the Moon in Virgo was exactly opposite the Sun in Pisces. Just thirteen minutes later, the Moon went into Libra. And then, at 2.35am, the Sun went into Aries. That's like Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts, giving a performance of Romeo and Juliet in one theatre and then racing straight off to play Heathliffe and Catherine in another venue. The critics just don't know which show to review. Some argue that the Shakespeare play is more important. Others suspect that the Bronte story is the big event. Just to confuse matters more, the city listing magazines are telling everyone to expect Brad and Julia in Tristan and Isolde! That's the European astrologer's predicament today. There is a vital little book called Raphael's Ephemeris. Every British stargazer carries a copy of this famous cosmic timetable. When we look in it today though, to check if the Moon is officially full in Virgo or Libra, we find a misprint, unhelpfully suggesting that the full moon is in... Taurus!


If you add up all the people who have ever lived on earth, at any point in history, you get a total which is significantly LESS than the number of people alive today. This, to me, begs two questions. How, if this is true, can we all be re-incarnated souls? And what precisely have all of us come here for? One thing's for sure. The purpose of life cannot involve meeting every single other person on the earth. There are about 3 billion seconds in a century. So, even if you were to get really organised and arrange to glance for just one second, into the eyes of all your fellow humans, you could only ever greet a portion of the population. Half, maybe, if you went at it 24 hours a day for a hundred years. More like a quarter if you were to allow time to eat, sleep and go shopping. Meanwhile, I've written an extra prediction for each sign to celebrate the beginning of spring - click on the link in the left hand frame and - Spring Clean Your Life.

Instinct and institutions
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During the recent full moon, I have been thinking long and hard about instinct; what is it? And why do some people experience it more than others? It occurs to me that, just as certain great artists and musicians live on the edge of what some people call insanity, there may be natural psychics who get into a similar state. What if, languishing in the asylums or institutions of this world are some of the most gifted people on this planet? They are, presumably, there because they cannot cope with the intensity of the visions they are seeing, the voices they are hearing or the impulses they are feeling. I strongly suspect that some alcoholics or people with heavy drug habits have arrived at their state of dependency for much the same reason. They simply can't find any other way to limit their level of natural sensitivity. If you have any constructive thoughts on this topic, please drop me a line.

Site problems and our new server

IF you have lately been having problems getting through to this site, I apologise. More visitors are popping by each day and this is stretching the capacity of our equipment. We do, of course, have mirror sites but none of them, on their own, are quite powerful enough to handle all the traffic. That means that if one of our servers 'falls over', the other servers in the chain have to work even harder. A brand new, state of the art 'super server' has now been ordered. It should be up and running within a week or so. Of course, when it comes, it will work perfectly first time. Everyone knows that this is what happens when you set up a new piece of technology... er, doesn't it? Steve, Vanessa and I are keeping our fingers crossed. Meanwhile, we hope you will understand and bear with us.

Clocks changing and time restrictions
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The clocks go forward in Britain this weekend. What amazes me about this pointless, aggravating ritual is the way that we all take it so completely for granted. That timepiece on the wall rules our lives with merciless, unbending precision. People who are late for appointments are frowned on. If a TV or radio stations starts a transmission just a couple of minutes ahead or behind the published time, there is an outcry. Yet suddenly, because someone somewhere tells us we must, we all submit. "Oh, that's fine then. We will give up an hour. Fair enough. We weren't intending to do anything useful with it anyhow." This is a classic example of the lemming-like behaviour that characterised the 20th century. There really is no need for it now we have entered a new era. But then, there is also no need for a rush hour. Now that's an hour we COULD all do with getting rid of? I wonder when we will. But I do not intend to consult a horoscope on the topic. I rather suspect that I would be obliged to make a prediction I didn't like!


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