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May 1st to May 5th

The beginning of a rare, momentous week

Welcome to a rare, momentous week. To explain why it is so, I must get technical for a moment. Please bear with me. The Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn now lie between thirty and sixty degrees of tropical longitude in what we traditionally define as the sign of Taurus. Mars too, is in this thirty degree sector of the sky but only just. At 19.18 GMT on Wednesday, it will cross one of our invisible but significant "defining lines". Earlier that day though, the Moon will enter Taurus (at 04.54 GMT) This will give us a historic 14 hours and 24 minutes during which ALL SEVEN of the sky's most ancient "moving lights" are occupying one sign. Something similar happened in Aquarius on Feb 4, 1962. The time before that was in 531AD, on May 31 when a conjunction took place in Gemini.

The last cosmic conjunction, Feb 4th 1962

History does not tell us exactly what happened on May 31, 531AD. We do know though, that soon after the great, seven fold conjunction of planets of that year, Christianity finally began to take a firm hold on Europe - and Buddhism became the official religion of Japan and Tibet. That tells us plenty. It paints a picture of crucial new beliefs radically altering people's whole outlook on life. We know precisely what occurred on Feb 4, 1962 - when the next seven fold cosmic conjunction took place. Kennedy imposed his embargo on Cuba. The world came closer to the brink of total nuclear war than it has ever been before or since. That too, changed people's outlook on life. As did the music of first Bob Dylan, then the Beatles. They led a generation of visionaries and revolutionaries to challenge every established belief in the book. Tomorrow brings a further rare, historic seven-fold conjunction. So tomorrow, we will look at what this means for all our tomorrows.

This historic alignment

Astronomers agree with astrologers that this is a historic week but astronomers are focussing their attention on a different day. They point out that the planets will be closest to one another on Friday and go on to say that this is not quite so unusual. This is because they have no interest in the invisible dividing lines that distinguish what we call Taurus from what we call Gemini. They cannot grasp how meaningful we find today's rare, seven fold gathering in just one sign. Or why we say that Friday's alignment, though technically tighter, spans two signs and thus contains less potent symbolism. These dry scientific characters certainly don't see why people, all over the world, should find their psychic powers peaking today as the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn ALL pass through Taurus at once. But that's their problem! To read my "May alignment" predictions for this unique period, click on the link at the top of our left hand frame. You can also find more articles on the alignment from astrologer, Kathryn Cassidy... again, her link is in our left hand frame.

Instinctive cosmic climate

Though Mars has now left Taurus for Gemini, the sky's seven traditional "moving lights" are still exceptionally close to one another - lending exceptional potency to today's New Moon. No matter what sign you belong to, this remains a wonderful time for setting special projects in motion; for pursuing creative ambitions and, generally, for deciding to make your dearest dreams come true. Many people should also find, under the overall influence of the current cosmic climate, that their powers of instinct and intuition are unusually strong. So if, today, you have a hunch about something; or your half suspect that you can see something in the back of your mind - or you are starting to get a 'feeling in your bones' about a certain matter, check it out and see what it leads to. Meanwhile you can read Part Two of my May Alignment predictions - the link is at the top of the left hand frame.

Exact timing of grand alignment

There has been much debate, this week, about the precise timing of the grand cosmic conjunction. Some people insist, very heatedly, that it happens this morning. Others insist that it is all over now. The even 'peaked' on Wednesday. For the avoidance of doubt, I would like to state that both views are correct. Right now, as you read these words, the planets are at their nearest to one another. But they are no longer all in just one zodiac sign as they were on Wednesday. That, for me, was the truly historic high spot of the current alignment. But it is true to say that right now, they are even more tightly bunched. This is extremely exciting, from a symbolic point of view. It suggests a great weekend for creative, psychic, intuitives and sensitive people, all over the globe. But those who also think it will bring doom, disaster or the end of the world are, I am (not very) sorry to say, completely wrong.


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