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May 15th to May 19th

Suggestions galore!

Thanks to everyone who suggested a name for our cartoon cat. Among the many ideas; clever, funny and just plain peculiar, we have had "Aqua-zak, Astrofurball, Bric-a-brac, Buzz, Calypso, Campuss, Capers, Casper, Castro, Cat-astrophe, Caterwaul, Catkin, Catmando, Celesta, China-tom, Cleo the Leo, Columbus, Comet, Convulsa, Cosmicat, Cosmo, Draco, Dusty, Ernie, Expresso, Felina, Feline-groovy, Figment, Frisbee, Gibbous, Gloria Quiverclaw, Happicat, Igor, Jo-Ca, Kiz, Leo, Leonardo de Catrio, Leonardo de Poseur, Mabel, Mephisto, Merlin, Millicent, Minsky, Napoleon, Neville, Orbit, Posipuss, Purrfect, Pusscin, Quirkycat, Rosita, Rune, Salsa, Scary Mary from Mars, Scatterbrain, Scatty, Serendipity, Shelley, Sisu, Solar Sydney, Starcat, Starsky, Stella, Straydin, Syzygy, Tai-cheetah, Tigger, Tonto, Ullyses, Verity, Wonderpuss, Xavicat, Yaya, Zeus, Zodicat and Zorbit." But is there a definitive name, sex and sign? Tomorrow, I'll let that cat out of the bag!

Installing our new server

We know that many people have been lately been finding it hard to get through to this site. We know there have also been problems with the site updating. We're really, truly sorry... and we're on the case! We have, in the past 24 hours, had difficulties with our new server, in California, difficulties with British Telecom, difficulties with our file transfer facility... and other technical difficulties too, all made worse by the fact that we are clearly not as well organised as we need to be... We all feel bad when we know that the site is here, ready for you to read... but that for one reason or another, you're just not able to reach it. So we're working on back up plans - and then back ups to the back ups. These include taking on new technical people, installing further additional servers and instigating 24 hour monitoring procedures. We'll do all this as FAST AS WE CAN, we promise. Meanwhile, please bear with us.

Full Moon vampires

Technically speaking, the Moon will not be full in Scorpio until tomorrow morning. By Thursday night though, the Moon will be 'past full'. That makes tonight the official "night of the Full Moon". So if you are planning, this evening, to phone up any werewolves, vampires or other nocturnal creatures... expect to get their answering machine!

Tibet and the Millennium mountain climb

I know what I did to celebrate the millennium and I guess, unless you got very drunk that night, that you know what you did too! I am still finding out though, some of the amazing things that certain other people got up to. I have just, for example, discovered that eight people spent New Year's Day at the top of a mountain in the Himalayas. They chose this spot because they worked out that, on that particular day, it would be the closest point on Earth to the Sun. Though the group was led by experienced climbers, several members of the expedition had never done anything like this in their lives before. So why did they risk life and limb and endure intense altitude sickness? In order to release 2,000 hand written messages for peace - and to utter a special prayer for freedom. Sweetly and symbolically, this group of amateur mountaineers included a young man from mainland China and another from Tibet. The two stood side by side at the appointed hour - and together they held up the Tibetan flag - an offence which is now punishable inside Tibet itself, by up to seven year's imprisonment!

The Tibetan struggle

Yesterday, I wrote about some people who had climbed a mountain in the Himalayas, hoping to bring peace to Tibet. Last night, I saw them in the flesh, at a meeting in London. I also saw some footage of their expedition. It looked dreadfully painful - though I gather that they had a lot of fun too. They are back down from their mountain now - but China still holds her grip on this ancient spiritual capital of the world. There were 6 million people living there before the occupation. 80,000 left with the Dalai Lama, 40 years ago. More have crept over the borders since. Many more though, have simply "disappeared". Estimates of the number of Tibetans, still alive in this country, suggest a figure of 4 million! More and more Chinese people are being sent to live there every day - and big world banks are funding this. Next week, we'll put together a list of websites you can visit if you want to find out more.


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