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May 22nd to May 26th

Bob Dylan's birthday

"Come writers and critics who prophesise with your pens, And keep your eyes wide, the chance won't come again..." Bob Dylan was born on this day in 1941. A Jupiter/Saturn conjunction was taking place at the time. In 1961, and 1981 these two planets met up again just as they are doing, once more, right now. Icons - or living legends - traditionally come into the world whenever this happens. It's tempting to suggest that little Leo Blair could grow up to be a similarly influential figure. He certainly has the striking horoscope and he has born into an impressive family. But I don't want to speak too soon. "The wheel's still in spin and there's no tellin who that it's namin..."

Jupiter/Saturn babies

Whenever Jupiter meets up with Saturn, a fascinating new crop of babies are born. They grow up to become a generation which challenges the values of the establishment. Turning points in their lives are then 'marked' by further Jupiter/Saturn conjunctions. The kids of 1901, for example, became the architects of the rebellious, roaring twenties. The kids of 1921 went on to fight in World War II and then went on to to drive the major changes of the post war world. The kids of 1941 (including John Lennon and Bob Dylan) grew up to shape the sixties. The kids of 1961 included Princess Diana... who also inspired a whole generation to question convention. Diana married Charles under the next conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn - in 1981. And as for the kids born that year? Let's explore that theme tomorrow.

Star spotting

The sky is like a great big cosmic clock with a lot more hands, dials, cogs and wheels. Really though, when we astrologers make our predictions, we are just reading that clock, telling the time and then making an educated guess about what that implies. Right now, it's nearly Jupiter past Saturn. This alignment only happens once every two decades. People born under it often become notably successful at an early age. By the time they reach 19 or 20, they have usually made some kind of name for themselves. John Lennon was a big star by the time of his 20th birthday. So was Judy Garland and Princess Diana. Now, here's my big question. Out of the kids born in 1981, who is already famous? And who will be an even bigger star by 2020? Please send me your suggestions, marking your email "star spotting".

Cosmic pearl necklace

Big planetary alignments mark turning points for humanity; moments when something simply has to start changing because it has always been destined to do so. Like perfectly spaced pearls on the string of time, Jupiter/Saturn conjunctions occur once every 20 years. They are not though, all pearls of equal size. Sometimes, they meet just once for a month or so. Sometimes, they form a double or triple pearl; meeting, parting and meeting again over a period of several months. The current conjunction, which culminates this weekend, is technically just a single pearl. It is though, a very important one. Earlier this month, it formed a key part of a historic, sevenfold conjunction of planets in Taurus. You can argue that this pearl is right next to the clasp of the cosmic necklace.

John Lennon

It takes years to attain a qualification from the Faculty of Astrological Studies. Before you can even think about taking their exam, you have to read a load of books, attend a load of lectures and practice with as many horoscopes as possible. You don't stop learning once you get your diploma. As you practice astrology, you experiment with different techniques. You test the rules that you were taught and you research new ideas. And sometimes, you stumble across amazing coincidences. I do not yet know what it 'proves' but here is what I noticed last week. John Lennon was born directly under the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction of 1941. He had his first big hit with the Beatles during the next Jupiter/Saturn conjunction of 1961. He died, sadly, under the next Jupiter/Saturn conjunction of 1980/81.


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