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November 13th to 17th

Predict the outcome of the US election?

I feel like a bit of a fool. Before I went on holiday (Oh and, by the way, many thanks to Bernard, for holding the fort so well) I announced that I could not predict the outcome of the US election. I said that this was because I had a strong preference for one of the candidates. Actually though, this was a cop out. I have often managed to get round such a problem in the past by mentally compensating for it. My efforts though, to foresee the events of November 6, were getting me nowhere. I just could not see which man would win. I felt helpless and confused; as if all my powers of prescience had vanished. Indeed, it was partly due to this that I decided it must be time to take a break. Whoops! Silly me.

Who gives up first?

George W Bush is a Cancerian, Al Gore is an Aries. Their full personal horoscopes have some interesting points in common. This explains why both are going through a similar experience of tense uncertainty. When I first looked carefully at their charts, I could not see who would win last week's election. Now, I realise I was asking the wrong question. It is not "who will win?" There will be no real sense of victory for either man. The question is simply "who will get the job?" The answer to that would seem to be "whoever refuses to give up." Tomorrow, let's look at which is likely to "blink first!"

Aries v Cancer

People born under Aries and Cancer have more in common than you might think. They don't agree about much but they heartily enjoy disagreeing! This is why they make a good match for each other. Cancerians are not as soft as they are made out to be. The shell of the crab is tough. Aries people are not as headstrong as some say. The sign of the ram is also the sign of the sheep. George is Cancerian ruled by the Moon. Al is an Aries, ruled by Mars. The Moon is now waning. Mars is forming a harmonious link to Jupiter. In theory the climate is a bit better for Gore... but only if he can keep beating round the bush!

US election job-share

This is going to sound like a silly question but I have to ask it. That nice Mr Gore and that nice Mr Bush both say that they only want to do what's best for the people of their land. Those people have now voted. The result is a fifty/fifty split, give or take a few hundred votes on either side, depending on how you count. So pardon me for asking but, as the American people clearly want both men, why can't they just share the job? Mr Bush could do Tuesday morning to Friday lunchtime. Mr Gore could do the long weekends. Just think what a fine example that would set to the rest of the world!


Once, to be a King, Queen or President was to be treated as a living god. We still surround such folk with pomp and ceremony but the more we find out about their private lives, the less we become inclined to deify them. Some say that in the future, our respect for authority figures will reduce further. I'm not so sure. The image of high office may be tarnished but the urge to be led still runs deep in the human psyche. With power comes responsibility. Responsibility is a scary thing to have. It is always much easier to give it to someone else.


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