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October 2nd to 6th

Millennium Dome ideas

Peggy from Canterbury has written in with an idea for the Millennium Dome. Why not, she says, divide the interior into seven segments and turn each into a temple for a different major world religion? A central, circular space could be put aside for multi-faith gatherings. This, she feels, could help promote world peace by obliging the exponents of conflicting belief systems to co-exist more closely. What a great plan. Does anybody else have a good suggestion - or a silly one - about how to use this costly construction? If so, drop me a line. I'll print the most inspiring and the most amusing ideas.

Alternative fuel

During the recent fuel price protests, I kept pushing one point. Vehicles do not have to run on petrol or diesel. Safer, cleaner alternatives already exist. Sally Dalglish from Carlisle is one of several readers who have since sent me press cuttings, describing cars that have been converted to run on alcohol, water or even on compressed air. These technologies are, of course, in their infancy. It may take decades before they come to maturity unless a lot of people get behind the idea. I'd like to do all I can to help bring forward this aspect of the future. So, if you work in this area and you know something that the rest of us ought to know, drop me a line.

Intense cosmic climate

An unusually tense planetary pattern is now being formed. This is why so many people seem to be going through turmoil of some kind. The signs of Gemini, Sagittarius, Aries, Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces are most affected but even if you were born under another sign, you may still be sensitive to this influence. Anyone whose birthchart contains a planet at 9, 10 or 11 degrees of any sign, will experience 'resonance' with the current alignment. I'll explain more about this tomorrow but I should stress that it's nothing to worry about. The cosmic climate may be intense but it has the potential to be extremely constructive.

Jupter and Pluto

Jupiter is now performing a 'slow dance' with Pluto. The two are at opposite sides of the zodiac circle. Since they first aligned directly in early September, Pluto has remained in almost exactly the same place. Jupiter though, which travels much faster, has moved away. Now though, it is 'slipping back' towards its previous position. Jupiter will directly oppose Pluto once more on Friday the 13th. After this, it will retreat further before returning to oppose Pluto for a third and final time next year. The next couple of weeks may therefore be intense for many people, the more so because Mars right now, is passing across the 'mid point' of these two planets.

Time speeding up

Site update: the Dream Doctor has a new dream online today.
"Dear Jonathan, My friends and I have noticed that time, somehow, seems to running faster than it used to." Wendy Jensen from Liverpool is one of several readers who have recently mentioned this. Most of us think of time as something that proceeds at a steady pace along a straight line. Scientists though, don't see it like that. They know what we all know; that time 'speeds up' when we are enjoying ourselves and 'slows down' when we feel fed up. But time is not a force that pushes us along. It is a phenomenon that we observe like scenery through the window of a moving car. Two factors influence the speed at which scenery flashes by. How fast you are going - and how hard you are staring at it.


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