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September 4th to 8th

Welcome our new Dream Doctor

In the old days, people used to take their dreams very seriously. Just as every royal court had a resident astrologer, it would have a dream analyst, permanently on call. Rarely, would you find one person doing both these highly specialised jobs. Though both involve interpreting a language of symbolism, the techniques are very different. The best 'dream doctor' that I have ever encountered is a psychologist called Sarah Dening. I'm delighted to say that she is now making a regular contribution to this site. You'll find her page in our left hand scrolling contents bar.

Alamanac coming up

Shortly, on each Saturday, I will be publishing a little almanac of the week ahead. It will include lunar phases, aspects and ingresses. Or, if you prefer less pompous language, it tells you the shape of the moon, the angles that the heavenly bodies are forming to one another plus the times when they move into new zodiac signs. Some of those little daily boxes are full to bursting. So full that, sometimes, I have to leave out minor details. On other days, the boxes are empty. Today is such a day. Does this mean that nothing is going on in the sky? Not quite... as I shall explain tomorrow.

No planetary aspects in sky

Yesterday, if you looked at an ephemeris or a table of daily cosmic events, you would have seen no 'planetary aspects' listed. The Sun though, still came up and went down... as did the Moon. The planets were all still in the sky. Many were forming significant angles to one another. It is just that none of these angles reached a point of exact culmination. That did not make it a quiet day. Indeed, it explains why many people found Tuesday anything but quiet. It is the hours or days just before an exact angle is formed that we usually see most action and drama.

Jupiter and Saturn - Taurus and Gemini

If you look for Jupiter and Saturn in the night sky, you will currently find them against a group of stars called Taurus. If though, you look up an astrological timetable, it will tell you that Jupiter and Saturn are in the sign of Gemini. This is not a mistake. If you want to define the precise position of a planet, the constellations are rarely helpful. They are of unequal size. You can spend a long time arguing about where they each begin and end. And they are all slowly drifting. That's why, for several thousand years, most western astrologers have used a different system. I'll explain more tomorrow.


America, in the atlas, is a land mass that stretches from Alaska to Argentina. If though, you say the word America in conversation, most folk will assume you mean the 50 states. In those states, a pint of beer contains 16 ounces. But not in Britain. Here a pint is 20 ounces. When western astrologers talk about the zodiac signs, we are referring to a very precise part of the sky. A belt, formed by the Sun's movement through the sky each year. We call this the Ecliptic. To get our signs, we chop it into 12 equal pieces. These are "named after" the famous starry constellations - but they are not quite the same thing. Meanwhile, today is the day for the Dream Doctor to post another dream interpretation on her page - the link's in the left hand frame... enjoy.


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