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April 9th to April 13th

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Is there a question that you'd love to ask to an astrologer? Do you want to know what's coming up next in your personal birth chart - or why life has been less than ideal lately - or what to do about some big, difficult problem? If so, you may want to call the number below. When you get through, you'll be connected to a fully trained and experienced astrologer who will ask you for your date, your place and your time, if you know it, of birth. They'll answer your question as clearly and as quickly as possible. I launched this service in England in February, in partnership with the astrological association of Great Britain. Today, the service goes live in the US too. We're working next, on making it available in Australia. In the USA the number is 1-900 370 7373 Calls are charged at $3.99 per minute. All calls recorded. Max dur. 20 minutes. Lines are open 2am - 6pm CET. Helpline: +44 870 125 00 11.

Flotation tanks and dream interpretations

A "flotation tank" is a bath which contains vast amounts of salt, dissolved in warm water. You lie in it and float for an hour or so, ideally in total darkness and silence. Then, with your body relaxed, in a state of sensory deprivation, you can explore your thoughts as never before. Fifteen years ago, I gave this a try. I enjoyed it so much that I went back every week for a year. The owner of the tank was Sirrilan - who also writes about dreams like our Dream Doctor, Sarah Dening. Sirrilan has always been a bit "ahead of her time." I predict though that in forty years or so, people will be considered rather odd if they DON'T put their dreams under the microscope. You can read Sarah's dream interpretations by clicking on the link in the left hand frame.

Pride of Britain winners

Yesterday, I met some of the "Pride of Britain" award winners who have changed people's lives for the better through effort, sincerity and faith. One turned to me and said, "I don't believe in astrology. I don't think the sky dictates our destiny. I think we all choose our own future." I explained that I too, believe in free will. The planets exert an influence on us but we can always choose how we respond to it. Those Pride of Britain winners have some very interesting horoscopes... but they are also all wonderful, living examples of that "power of choice".

Floating Easter

Chinese New Year takes place on a different day each year, depending on the position of the Moon. Easter is a "floating festival" too. It is supposed to happen on the first Friday after the Spring Equinox when the Moon gets to a particular point in its cycle. Unfortunately, the folk who determine the date of Easter do not use the actual moon in the sky. Instead, they work with a theoretical, mathematically inaccurate model of the moon. For 2,000 years, there has been a hot debate about all this. Even now, some Christians celebrate Easter at a different time, according to a different formula.

Unlucky 13?

It's Friday the thirteenth! Some people think that this is unlucky. Astrologers though, definitely don't subscribe to this superstition. We are interested only in the positions of the planets and they, right now, are in perfectly safe, re-assuring places. There IS, I suppose, a harmonious link between the Sun and Uranus today. You COULD, at a pinch, interpret that to mean that surprises lie in store for some people. Those surprises though, are due to be pleasant ones. There's a little extra magic in the air - that's all!


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