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April 16th to April 20th

The end of the world....?

I have had several letters lately, from people who are worried about "the end of the world." They fear that we will soon collide with a giant asteroid. I am, I think, beginning to notice a trend in disaster theories. Back in the seventies, the fear was of an imminent nuclear war. The eighties has us all afraid of Aids. In the nineties, Global warming was going to finish us all off. These are, of course, real concerns. We ought to worry, seriously, about weapons of destruction, about disease - and about pollution. It's also good to worry about being hit by a passing piece of space debris. It's only when we worry that we take action. For the record though, I predict that as long as enough of us worry... we'll be fine.

Stationary Venus

Planets do not really move backwards. Nor do they ever stand still. It's just that sometimes the sky creates this optical illusion. It comes about for much the same reason that, when you are on a fast train and you pass a slow one moving in the same direction, the slow train seems to be going backwards. 'Stationary' or 'retrograde' planets mean a lot to astrologers. Venus is more or less stationary now. Soon, it will be going forward again. That's good news for everyone who would like a little more peace, love and prosperity and a little less stress, struggle and strife.

Scorpion or Eagle?

Rita Rowe, from Plymouth has sent me a verse. Edited down a little, it reads: "Welcome to our paper, your forecasts are just great. You do us all a favour, It's nice to know our fate. I like my Scorpio predictions but what really turns me pale; Is your vision of an eagle - I have a sting, not feathers, in my tail." Mr W Keill, of Market Rasen in Lincolnshire, thinks differently. He writes, "As a Scorpio, I want to express my approval of the Eagle emblem. I don't dislike Scorpions but I much prefer the directness of the eagle with its majesty and independence." There'll be more on this hot topic of debate, tomorrow.

Sir Isaac Newton & Channel 5

Sir Isaac Newton was not just interested in gravity. He also enjoyed calculating - and interpreting - horoscopes. Legend has it that a fellow scientist once said. "Gad Sir. How can you be serious about such tosh?" Sir Isaac apparently, replied, "I have studied the subject, You have not." Sir Isaac, like all good astrologers, was hot on astronomy too. He understood the precession of the equinoxes and was fully aware that there are effectively "two zodiac systems". He would have been as gob smacked as I was by Tuesday's programme on Channel Five, which suggested that his (and my) zodiac is "wrong." But he would have recognised the spirit of the show. Now, as then, some folk love to rubbish things that they have not properly investigated.

Saturn return

The Moon takes just under 28 days to go once round the Zodiac. Saturn takes just under 28 years to complete the same journey. That means we all, once every 28 years or so, get the mixed blessing of a visit from Saturn to our sign. Such visits last two to three years and they tend to be memorable. We look back on them with gratitude. We realise, in retrospect, how many valuable lessons they have taught us. At the time though... well, let's just say we can find the learning curve very steep. Saturn, for the last couple of years or so, has been in Taurus. This weekend, it enters Gemini. There are repercussions here for all of us... as you will see when you look at your forecast today.


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