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April 23rd to April 30th

New Moon for Taurus

Today brings a New Moon in Taurus. New Moons symbolise new beginnings. Such symbolism is especially apt for Taurus at the moment. The Sun and Mercury have both entered this sign over the weekend - while, after three long years, Saturn has finally left it. It's not just Taureans though, who have cause to celebrate now. Our full birth charts contain all twelve signs of the zodiac so, somewhere within us all, there's a "Taurean influence" at work. Today's forecasts acknowledge this and make reference to the area of life in which each different sign is most likely to experience the benefit of the New Moon.

Astrology critics

The people who disapprove of astrology fall, it seems to me, into several categories of critic. The first type are "old fashioned scientists" who still believe that everything in life must have a logical explanation. Recent developments in physics have blown this view out of the water but some people prefer to ignore this. They insist that an idea is only valid if it can be consistently measured and proved. Astrology, to some extent, CAN be - but only to some extent. Much ancient astrological lore is simply too subtle or too subjective to be tested by conventional means. People who dislike astrology for this reason tend to feel much the same way about religion. Which is ironic really because, as I shall explain tomorrow, religious people make up the next category.

Three Wise Men

Those "three wise men" who followed a star to Bethlehem were, of course, astrologers. Both Old and New Testaments are full of symbolic references to seven planets and twelve signs. Henry the Eighth, who founded the Church of England, cast horoscopes and, many centuries ago, Popes did so too. These days though, most religious leaders frown on astrology. Some say it promotes a rival heavenly authority. Others say it stops us from making choices by suggesting that our future is already written. Actually though, astrologers do not see the sky as all-powerful. We simply feel that by studying it, we can see how hidden, natural rhythms and patterns are influencing the state of the world.

Chinese Almanac

Some readers say that they wish I could be more specific in my forecasts. They, no doubt, will be very interested in a book that I recently picked up on my travels. It is called The Chinese Almanac of Auspicious Days. It says that April 26, 2001 is an excellent time to: offer ancestral worship, start a journey, cook or work in the kitchen, build a house, repair a grave or install a stove. The Almanac then goes on to list today's unfavourable activities. It says that you should not: get married, move house, buy property, position a bed, plant crops, trade in livestock or repair a lavatory. So er... now you know. Oh, and if you're thinking of going anywhere, the book say's today's "bad direction" is West.

Scorpio and Eagle debate continues

Mrs Tope of Fareham, Hants. writes, "When I first saw the eagle I thought it was a mistake. Perched beneath the heavily printed "Scorpio", an eagle gives the impression of a graphics dept soaked in the "joys of the vine". If you intend to keep the eagle, you will have to re-name the 8th sign of the zodiac - what would you call it? Eaglion, Eaglio? Think of the uproar. To any young folk who dislike the poisonous bit - I would say the sting is Nature's gift for this small creature's protection. And anyway, all of Nature has a cruel side - the eagle's eating habits leave much to be desired." More comments - from both sides of the debate - next week.

Calling Zodiac lines

Several people have recently complained about their experience when trying to call the number for their zodiac sign from a mobile phone. Apparently, some phone companies won't connect them at all - while others apply a hefty surcharge. One caller, thinking she was paying 60p per minute for a three and a half minute forecast, discovered she had been charged nearly four pounds! I am working now, on a way to get round this problem and when it is sorted out, I'll let you know. Meanwhile, if you ever want to call to hear my in depth forecast for your sign - or to use any of the other services on my number, please don't use a mobile - or a hotel phone unless you have recently robbed a bank.


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