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May Day anarchy

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Police in London are worried, today, in case a protest rally descends into anarchy. They are right to take precautions. The current cosmic climate is causing feelings to run high in many people. It is always sad though, when people with extreme feelings express those feelings in an extreme way. The protesters' message is a good one. The leaders of this world are fixated on money. Their callous methods of wheeling and dealing force millions to live in poverty. Attitudes DO need to change. But it is inspiration, not agitation that will eventually bring this about.

Harry Potter

My kids have long been urging me to read Harry Potter. Two weeks ago, I started the first book. I have just finished the third. I like him for many reasons but I particularly enjoy his lessons in magic. These remind me of my time as a student with the Faculty of Astrological Studies. The teacher put up charts on the wall - and we would all have to comment. We took exams, at different levels in astronomy, horoscope calculation, theory of interpretation and history of astrology. We also did practicals using the birth details of real people. Marks were added - or deducted - for depth of insight, clarity of explanation, quality of advice and accuracy of prediction.

Teaching telepathy

Yesterday, I told you about the horoscope reading classes that I used to attend. So now, here's a question. If astrology can be taught, can we be schooled in other mystical techniques? Can we learn to be telepathic, to read crystal balls or - like Uri Geller - to alter the structure of an object with our minds? The answer, of course, is yes. Unlike in those tales of Harry Potter - where some people have magic ability but others are powerless "muggles", ALL in this world are born with psychic potential. Sadly though, as I shall explain tomorrow, most of us are actively discouraged from ever exploring this.

Children's imagination

Bingo callers know that the number 22 looks like two little ducks - and that 88 resembles "two fat ladies". Who else though, knows or cares? Children do. Children can also see that the letter A is like a stepladder or a witch's hat or a pair of coal tongs. Or, at least, they can until they learn to read. As soon as they do, those fascinating shapes become dull, fixed symbols. These days, children are taught to read and count when they are all but toddlers. The process makes them seem more "clever" but it sadly makes them slightly less imaginative. When imagination is stifled, intuition suffers too. If our schools were less fixated on getting "results from the earliest age" we might all grow up with stronger psychic powers.


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