Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

February 1st to 9th 2001

Conscious population?

The population of this planet is at a record high and is due to increase. This will not though, create the problem that many expect. The real desperate shortage on the earth today, is not food, money or space to live. It's just generosity. Too many individuals think, most of the time, along narrow, selfish lines. Perhaps not surprisingly, governments reflect this ethos. The big "explosion" that I foresee over the next two decades, is the spontaneous spread of consciousness and compassion.

Over population?

On Monday, I said that, if you add together all the humans who have ever lived, you get a total that's LOWER than the number of people who are alive today. I then suggested that this might cast doubt on the theory of re-incarnation. I have since had an e.mail from Kelsang Dondrub, the Tibetan Bhuddist monk who recently cycled across Britain for world peace. He says; "on the surface, it seems as if you have a point, but Bhuddist cosmology tells us that there are actually one thousand million worlds. Humans live in other parts of our vast universe." Ah yes. Of course.

Venus in Aries

If you look closely at your forecasts today and tomorrow, you may notice that they bear a distinct resemblance to the week-ahead predictions that I posted on Saturday. This is intentional. Due to a mix up at the Daily Express, the week-ahead predictions went absent without leave from the magazine that they usually appear in. For the benefit of all those who therefore missed those important messages about the shape of the week, I have re-written them slightly to form the basis of Monday and Tuesday's forecasts.
Venus is the celestial symbol of popularity, prosperity, creativity and procreativity. It normally spends three or four weeks in each zodiac sign but it has just moved into Aries - where it is due to remain till June. This is exceptional. It bodes well for those born under the sign of the Ram but it can also be seen as auspicious for anyone with a genuinely righteous battle to fight - or a bold course of action to embark on. I'll be explaining more about what it means for each sign in the latest set of long range phone forecasts for February - which go on line today.

Mars travels

Venus is not the only planet now following an unusual schedule. Later this month, Mars will enter Sagittarius. The power planet" normally takes between 6 to 8 weeks to pass through a zodiac sign. Once it enters this particular sector of the sky though, it will stay there until September. Those born under the sign of the centaur can expect to gain a lot of energy soon. So too can all who have plans or projects that involve long distancetravel, advanced education or journeys of inner discovery. Whenever Mars is in Sagittarius, people change their perception of what's possible.

Mercury retrograde

Two or three times a year, for two or three weeks at a time, Mercury reverses through the sky. Astrologers see this optical illusion as deeply symbolic. Because Mercury is the "messenger of the gods", we expect messages to get delayed when it is going backwards. Communication networks may clog up. Transport networks may slow down. It's rarely a good ideal to start a new commercial venture. Mercury turned retrograde on Monday, just days after it had entered Pisces. It is now back in Aquarius once more. It turns "direct" again around Feb 25 but it won't regain the ground it lost till March 18.

Moon signs

When the Moon is full, there's an easy way to tell what sign it is in. Just work out what sign the Sun is passing through. The dates on this page, above each prediction, give you this information. The Full Moon always takes place in the OPPOSITE sign to the one that the Sun is in. Aries is opposite Libra. Taurus is opposite Scorpio. Gemini is opposite Sagittarius. Cancer is opposite Capricorn. Virgo is opposite Pisces and Aquarius - where the Sun is now - lies opposite Leo. So the current Full Moon is in the sign of the fierce lion (or, if you prefer, the cuddly cat!)

Sky slows down

Mercury normally takes a couple of weeks or so to go through one zodiac sign. It is now though, taking a couple of months to go through Aquarius. Venus generally spends four weeks in a sign - but it has just begun a four-month visit to Aries. Mars usually visits a sign for six or seven weeks yet it will soon start a six and a half month sojourn in Sagittarius. The dull, technical explanation for this involves orbital speeds and positions. To astrologers though, it looks very much as if; having caused the pace of life to speed up vastly, lately, the sky is now offering us all a chance to slow down.


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