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July 2nd to July 6th

Choosing Mummies

A while ago, I asked "Where were we before we were here?" Then, we dropped the topic. This was not because we found the answer - but just because I felt that we could not go on discussing eternity for an eternity. But maybe we can. Jackie Edwards from Swansea writes to tell us about her daughter who, aged three, said; "Mummy, before I came here, I was in the sky." Jackie said, "What were you doing there dear?" Back came the reply, "I was being shown some mummies and I chose you." Asked WHO showed her, she said, "I don't know... but they were nice people. They taught me to fly."

Soul is somewhere

Freda Page from Flackwell Heath, Bucks, writes; "I have never believed that death is oblivion. Corpses are so evidently mere husks, shells. The person, the essence, the soul goes SOMEWHERE." Ian Barrow from Plymouth adds; "I don't think that we are human beings having spiritual experiences. I think we are spiritual beings, experiencing what it is like to be human." Ken Tucker, from Newton Abbot, is happy to accept the idea of life after death but he is not standing for any of this death-before-life nonsense. "The only way that death can occur," insists Ken, "Is AFTER life has been created... not before."

Mum's presence

Marie Field from Norfolk writes; "Two years ago, my mother died. We were very close. Before my mother was even taken ill, my daughter and I had made an appointment to see a medium. After our bereavement, we decided reluctantly, to go through with it. The morning before we went, I was alone doing my ironing. I 'felt' someone beside me but I shrugged it off. Then I picked up my mum's old black purse and decided to use it instead of mine, which had a broken zip. Next, I went into the bedroom and saw a pair of mum's old glasses on the dressing table. I put them on one side. Trivial things. Yet the medium mentioned all three, in detail. I felt much more confident and at peace after that."


"One night, as a teenager, I had a dream. I was with my uncles, aunts and grandparents, sitting in a large room which looked out, through French Windows, onto a beautiful garden full of flowers. Coming in through these was a man of about twenty who asked my gran if she would like to walk with him. He helped her from her chair and carefully led her out. I recognised him as her first son who had died when he was about 21. I had only ever seen photos of him. I woke up and looked at the clock. It was 3.15am. The next morning, I phoned my mother. She said my Grandmother had died in the night, with a beautiful smile on her face... at 3.15am! I am not religious but I am now very sure that there is something beyond death. I will not tell you who I am or where I live for my husband does not approve of me talking about this kind of thing."

Astrology Answers

Every Tuesday, on this website, we print questions that have been sent to our team of astrologers. The section is Astrology Answers and the link is in the left hand frame. Many people have asked me why instead of getting one person to answer them, we get three. Mainly, it's because this neatly demonstrates the way in which astrologers, all over the world, read and calculate their horoscopes in much the same way. We are all trained in the same traditional techniques. We all speak the same basic language. There are, of course variations in the way we work - and in the conclusions that we draw. In essence though, we all, usually, see much the same thing when we look at the sky.


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