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Sign of the week?

Years ago, I had a regular slot on breakfast TV. Every week, after I gave my predictions, the presenter would ask me for the sign of the week. With great ceremony, I would hand her a golden envelope to open. There are two reasons why we don't do this any more. 1) I am no longer on breakfast TV. 2) This dramatic device was a bit of a con. There isn't really such a thing as a sign of the week. Sign of the month, maybe. Sign of the day, perhaps. But a lot can happen in the sky, in a week. If though, there WAS a sign of the week, this week, it would have to be Cancer. I'll explain why soon.

Jupiter, planet of growth

Jupiter is the planet of hope. Jupiter is the planet of justice. Jupiter is the planet of growth. Like all the planets, Jupiter is multi-tasking. A large part of the astrologer's art involves working out which planet is fulfilling which function at which point in time. Though a planet can play out any role in its repertoire at any moment, it tends to reflect the nature of the sign it is passing through. Jupiter takes about a dozen years to get round the zodiac. Later this week it begins a year long visit to Cancer, its first since 1989/90. This is good news for Cancerians. And for the rest of us? More tomorrow.

Jupiter, planet of hope

The last time Jupiter was in Cancer, Nelson Mandela was freed from prison, The Ceausescu regime came to an end in Romania - and the Berlin Wall fell. Under the previous visit of Jupiter to Cancer, Presidents Sadat of Egypt and Begin of Israel signed a historic peace treaty and the first test tube baby was born. The time before, Hippies came into being! I'm giving you edited highlights here but by and large, the world does seem to become a little more enlightened when the planet of hope passes through the sign of compassion. Jupiter will commence a new year long visit to this sign tomorrow.

Mercury on the move

Jupiter is not the only planet about to swap signs. Mercury too, is on the move. Where Jupiter is a slow celestial traveller, spending a year or so in each sign, Mercury is known as the heavenly messenger because of the speed at which it zips round the zodiac. Oddly though, Mercury has been hovering in Gemini since May, "shadowing" the movements of Jupiter. Twice this year, the two have come together to form a conjunction; once in mid May, once in mid June. They meet for a third and last time tonight, moments before both go on into the sign of Cancer.


No matter how often you travel by aeroplane, you will never end up in seat 13. After you pass the twelfth row of seats, you will simply find yourself at row 14. The owners of many tall buildings use a similar trick to make sure that there is no thirteenth floor. The people at this website though, are not superstitious. Some thirteens, it would seem, are less worrying than others. And though today is Friday the thirteenth, I can assure you that there is absolutely no reason, today, why anything at all should go fSvg'smbx@@=+@~


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