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July 16th to July 20th

Tory leadership

Several people have asked me who I think will be the next leader of the Tories. I always give the same reply. We astrologers have to be very careful when making a prediction. If we have a vested interest in the outcome of a drama - or even a strong opinion about it, our objectivity will be compromised. Now, I must confess that here, I am not just gently impartial. I am totally indifferent, completely disinterested, entirely ambivalent. I could not give a feather, or a fig, or a euro, or a roach. I couldn't even give an Ian Duncan Smith!

The Moon

A New Moon can only take place when the Moon and Sun are in the same sign. Normally, there's one New Moon, per sign, per year. On June 21 though, there was a New Moon just hours after the Sun and the Moon had both entered Cancer. Since then, while the Sun has been slipping slowly through this sign, the Moon though has been zooming right round the zodiac. On Friday, is will catch up with the Sun once more; lapping it on the cosmic racetrack while it is still in the sign of Cancer. There's only one word for this rare phenomenon. Auspicious.


Some people are atheists. They don't believe in a supreme being. Others are agnostic. They are not convinced but, if they ever meet a supreme being, they will think again. Most folk are monotheistic. They DO believe in a supreme being and feel that anyone who believes in a different supreme being is making a big mistake. And me? I'm a Polytheist. I'm all in favour of supreme beings; the more the merrier. I take an interest in every religion and spiritual teaching. I'm also very interested in spiritual teachers. That's why I've asked Mark Winter to prepare a new 'occasional series'; The Guide To Modern Gurus. His first instalment will appear shortly on this website.
Meanwhile, some of you may have noticed a new link in our left hand frame titled - Feedback Forum. This section gives you, our visitors, the chance to air your views. We kick off with a look at some of the replies we received following the debate on President George Bush - enjoy

Big Brother and Uri Geller

One day, I will watch an episode of Big Brother. I'll do it as soon as I have run out of more entertaining things to do. Like waiting for the kettle to boil. Or watching paint dry. Many of my colleagues at this website though, are fans. Vanessa Lawton clearly watches it - as does Uri Geller. Uri, I hear, is now sending out positive vibes to help a contestant called Paul. Yesterday, my colleague Sue mentioned this and reminded us that once, Uri sent similar vibes to his local football team - who didn't do very well in their bid for the cup. Fair comment. But here's the question nobody can answer. How much worse would things have been for Paul - or for Reading FC - if Uri had NOT been sending his psychic support?

Phone numbers

Several people have expressed some confusion about the phone numbers that appear below each daily prediction. To be clear, the number below each sign is a forecast line. Dial it and you'll get me, offering you an in depth week ahead forecast, a long range forecast or a Tarot reading etc. The weekly forecasts last less than four minutes and are the least expensive way to get a deeper insight into your outlook.

The other number, for Astrolivelink, is for occasional use only. It is manned by people who I know to be good astrologers and who can quickly put your birth details into their computer, draw up your chart and answer a pressing question. Though a ten minute call to Astro Livelink will put a hefty fifteen quid on your phone bill, that's actually cheap for a proper, personal consultation.
United Kingdom 0906 11 11 310 Eire 1580 92 73 77
Calls to this service cost 1.50 per minute. Service available between 8am and 2am. In accordance with ICSTIS regulations, all calls are recorded for your protection. You must be 18 years old or over. Readings are for guidance only. Helpline: UK - 0870 125 0011, Eire - +44 870 125 00 11.
US service: 1-900 370 7373
Calls are charged at $3.99 per minute. All calls recorded. Max dur. 20 minutes. Lines open 3am to 9pm EST. Helpline: +44 870 125 00 11.


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