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March 26th to 30th 2001

The ancient art of astrology

I'm normally very easy going. I do get cross though, when people call astrology a load of old rubbish. It is, of course, old. Much older than most historians think. The Chaldean Priests of Babylon, 5000 years ago, are just the oldest astrologers we have a record of. Astrology was around long before this. Nor has it changed much. If I met Ptolemy of Alexandria today, he'd be confused by my mobile phone but he'd follow most of my chart calculations. Astrology is the nearest thing we have to an intact remnant of genuine ancient knowledge. And those ancients knew much more, about some things, than we do now.

Why is it Tuesday?

It's Tuesday. But WHY is it Tuesday? Because many moons ago, there was a warlike Norse god called Tiw. His equivalent in Greek mythology was Ares who, in turn, was known as Mars by the Romans. Each of our days of the week have a strong link to the seven traditional "planets." Monday is a corruption of "Moon-day". Wednesday is Odin's (or Wodin)'s -day. Odin links up, symbolically with Mercury. Thursday is Thor's day - and Thor equates to Jupiter. Friday is Freia's day. Freia was, to the ancient Norse-folk what Venus is to us today. Saturday is Saturn's day and Sunday... is self-explanatory.

The Foot and Mouth crisis

I have not, so far, made a comment about the Foot and Mouth crisis that is currently raging across Britain. This is partly because, as a life-long vegetarian, I see things a little differently. I don't understand why it is any worse or better to kill an animal because it may have a disease than to kill it because you happen to be feeling peckish. I do though, live next door to a farm. For ten years, I have watched my neighbour struggling all day, every day, to scratch a living from the land. He is suffering badly in the current crisis. Astrologically speaking, there is hope. Saturn (which rules disease) is now in Taurus (which, of course, rules cows). It leaves in late April that creates a "chance" for things to improve. Having studied the charts, I now have a professional opinion. If we start using vaccinations, the crisis will be over by late summer. If we continue with the current combination of panic and slaughter, it will be with us much longer.

Full personal horoscopes

Six billion people are on this earth right now. That means roughly half a billion of them must share your sign! Do they all really have exactly the same kind of personality? Are they truly due for exactly the same type of day? Of course not. Your sign just reveals a fascinating snippet about who you are and what's going on for you. If you want to know the whole story, you need a full personal horoscope. This is a unique chart, cast for your exact time, date and place of birth. For details of how to order a chart click on the Personal Horoscope link in the left hand frame.


Since the foot and mouth crisis began, one and a half million people have turned vegetarian. Millions more are supposedly thinking about it. Years ago, I predicted that by 2020, about 17% of the population would have given up meat. I'm not going to change my statement, even in the light of this amazing news. Meat has a powerful impact on the mind and body. Some people find eating it as addictive as smoking or drinking. When they give it up, they get a "high" which feels odd. They are not used to being less aggressive and more sensitive. So though I wish I could say something different, my professional view is that meat still has a strong stake in the future!


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