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May 7th to May 11th

Phone messages

If you dial the number below your sign and select option 2 you can hear a long range forecast for the whole of the rest of May. This is back by popular demand. When I stopped recording it, loads of people pressed 5, to leave me a message, telling me that they wanted it re-instated. Here are all the current choices on our phone line. 1) Weekly forecast. 2) Long range forecast. 3) Tarot reading. 4) Zodiac Love match reading 5) Leave a message. 6) Uri Geller. 7) A quick "Cusp check" for those born near the end or start of any sign. 8) A word about our live astrology service. As I add more, I'll let you know.

Peace ahead

Many people should find the rest of the week much more quiet and re-assuring. A series of highly intense astrological influences have been operating on us over the last few days. As a result, points of stress, strain and conflicts have been much harder, than usual, to resolve. I can't guarantee that everyone, from now on, will be in a state of total peace and harmony. There will though, be a happier atmosphere in the air. Regardless of what sign you are, you should find, if you are afraid of something, that it begins to seem less scary soon.


Astrologers are disliked equally by scientists and church leaders. This is interesting when you consider how much those two groups normally hate one another. Their mutual antipathy dates back to the time when the Church refused to accept that the Earth goes round the Sun. They called the idea heretical and banned all books on the topic. Finally, scientists are getting their revenge. A new study, called Neurotheology, uses cerebral scans to explain why people have mystic visions. It attributes a sense of the divine to an excess of electrical activity in the temporal lobe. According to the scientists, God only talks to you when there's something wrong with your brain.

Harry Potter's astrology lesson

I have just finished the fourth Harry Potter story. My enjoyment was only slightly marred by the speed at which his Divination teacher, Miss Trelawney, took her class through astrology. She had them calculating a birth chart - and tracking the transits to it - all in a single lesson. Harrumph. It takes a good couple of hours for a student to plot a horoscope for the first time. Even though Harry has a grounding in astronomy he would have needed at least a year of lessons before becoming able to work with transits. Honestly! I'm beginning to suspect that this book is just a clever work of fiction.

Site update

Site update: The Dream Doctor analyses another dream online today. Click on the link in the left hand frame.

Thank you to all the people who have written regarding our new feature Astrology Answers - we will be choosing two problems each Tuesday to be diagnosed by myself, Patty Green and a guest astrologer. There will be more new sections appearing soon on this site - meanwhile, if you have any suggestions for things you would like to see included, please feel free to drop us a line.


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